Top Tools Every DIYer Should Have In Their Kit

It’s not uncommon for proud homeowners to want to carry out all their own maintenance and repair work around the apartment or house, and if you’re one of these people, here are some of the top tools you should have in your DIY kit:

A claw hammer

A whole host of DIY projects around the home require the use of a hammer, such as hanging pictures and mirrors, or assembling furniture, and with a claw hammer, you can safely and easily drive nails in, as well as remove them.

A set of screwdrivers

From a flat-head and Phillips-head, to a Pozidriv, screwdrivers are an essential piece of kit for even the most amateur of DIYers, and having them to hand can be enormously useful.

Tape measure

Some DIY jobs require an accurate set of measurements, and without a flexible tape measure, this is virtually impossible.  

LED flashlight

Helping to illuminate dark corners and spaces for a variety of DIY tasks, an LED flashlight should be a standard item in any DIYers kit bag.

A pair of pliers

For gripping, turning and pulling screws or nails, locking and combination pliers are helpful in a wide variety of DIY situations.  

A step stool and step ladder

Step stools and ladders are essential if you’re trying to fix something that’s too high for you to reach while standing (or too awkward for you to reach), and while a smaller one might be suitable for indoor DIY, you’ll probably need a taller one for any exterior projects, such as unblocking gutters. 

A utility knife

Such a versatile tool, these can be used for any number of DIY projects, large and small, and can cut drywall, expose nail heads and remove carpeting, for example. 

Safety glasses

Safety is paramount, even when you’re an amateur DIYer, and having a pair of safety glasses to hand can help keep your eyes protected from flying debris.

An adjustable wrench

Enabling you to work with all different sizes of nuts and bolts, an adjustable wrench should feature in your tool kit. 

Hand saw

When investing in a hand saw, remember that the larger the teeth, the faster it will cut, and there are also variations in teeth-per-inch which can impact its ability to cut. 

An extension cord

These will likely prove vital for anyone carrying out DIY around the home and garden, and can enable you to use power tools in the absence of a long enough cord, or a cordless version. 

A selection of tapes

With electrical, Teflon and duct tape, DIYers can help complete a wide range of tasks around the home. 

A tarpaulin

You’ll be able to find a plethora of uses for a lightweight, plastic tarp when carrying out DIY and general household and garden tasks, making it an investment that you’ll continue to get good use out of. 


Helping to hold objects securely in place as you work on them, C-clamps, pipe-clamps and hand screw-clamps can make your work safer and easier. 

So, as a fellow DIYer, do you have all of the above items in your kit? If you don’t, there are plenty of reputable companies selling them online, and which can deliver then quickly and safely to your door. 

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