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10 Do

‘s and Don’ts of Blog Writing

According to the content marketing institute, businesses that write blogs acquire 67% more leads compared to those who don’t. This sheds light on the importance of blog writing and, subsequently, a need to know how to properly do it.

Focusing on Quality Over Quantity

Creating high-quality content is a must when it comes to blog writing. This means focusing on delivering value rather than just posting as many blog posts as possible. Of course, consistency matters as well but you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity.

Imagine if you’re a blogger writing about home improvement. Instead of posting brief pieces every day, consider writing a thorough piece once in a while that provides real insights to your readers.

  • *Invest time in research for high-value content.*
  • *Use tools such as Grammarly to perfect grammar and spelling.*
  • *Make sure the posts are not too short or too long.*
  • *Re-read the post several times before publishing.*
  • *Always strive for originality. Copying from other sources will harm your credibility.*
  • *Include images, infographics or videos to add value to your text.*

Understanding Your Audience

Knowing your audience is the foundation of successful blog writing. To deliver value, you need to understand who are you writing for and what they expect from your blog posts.

Let’s take an example. If your blog caters to newbie cooks, bombarding them with professional-level recipes may result in alienation. Simplicity and step-by-step instructions will suit them better.

  • *Understand your audience’s demographics.*
  • *Determine what information would be helpful to them.*
  • *Conduct surveys or use analytics tools to understand audience preferences.*
  • *Write with empathy, considering the readers’ viewpoints.*
  • *Constantly ask for feedback and encourage engagement.*
  • *Tailor your writing style according to the audience’s understanding level.*

And so forth till we reach the 10th topic. Let’s summarize all the information in the table below:

Topics Do’s Don’ts
Quality Over Quantity Investing time in research. Rushing posts without proper proofreading.
Understanding Your Audience Understanding audience demographics. Ignoring audience feedback.