It List 2022: Editors’ Choice of the World’s Best New Hotels

It List 2022: Our Editors’ Picks of the Best New Hotels in the World

Welcome Entrances

Hospitality is far from a linear experience. It starts way before the actual booking of the room up to the moment one sets foot in the hotel. A stylishly welcoming entrance matters more than ever, and these hotels have taken note. What’s a better way to lure you into their luxurious offerings than with a beautifully crafted welcome area? Let’s peak into colourful lobbies, lavish reception areas, and the warmest greetings from locally sourced staff.

Introduce yourself to Hotel Flora and Fauna, featuring a grand staircase that leads you to a subtly lit wooden check-in counter underneath botanical illustrations on a mural. Or take a second to appreciate Soul & Surf’s retro van parked right at the entrance, creating an Instagrammable, homely feeling even before you’ve moved past the first few feet.

The latest trend seems to highlight authenticity with dramatic entrances representing each hotel’s character and story. However, aesthetics isn’t everything; functionality plays a huge role too.

  • Hotel Revival in Baltimore: The entryway is decorated with stunning local art conveying the city’s cultural heritage.
  • Hoxton, Portland: Its dark blue façade seamlessly blends with patio heaters for guests’ comfort during cold days.
  • Soho House Mumbai: This seafront property’s entrance greets you with a view of the Arabian Sea.
  • Menorca Experimental: It welcomes you with a charming countryside view and fields of wildflowers.
  • Nomad Las Vegas: A classic European-inspired lobby offers a calming oasis amid city chaos.
  • The Siren Hotel, Detroit: A glamorous and atmospheric entrance sets a tone of decadence and romance.

Tailored Rooms

Step inside a hotel room that doesn’t just exist as a sleeping quarter. Today’s top hotels merge comfort and style in their room aesthetics by offering personalized spaces where guests would want to lose track of time. Rooms have become more than just a clean bed and a view – they are immersive experiences designed to highlight an authentic local scene or simply provide extreme relaxation.

Take for instance, the loft-style accommodations at The Warehouse Hotel in Singapore – blending industrial sophistication with comfy chic seamlessly. Or perhaps the rare sight of a telescope in your room at Le Coucou Méribel for those breathtaking views of the Alpine peaks. These designs go beyond novel furniture; they show off a careful, often creative, use of space.

These rooms pull you into their folds with their unique incorporations of culture, mood, region, architecture, and yes, even technology.

  • The Luxury Collection’s ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata: Rooms feature traditional Indian artwork.
  • Hoxton, Southwark: Each room sports prints from emerging artists local to the area.
  • Virgin Hotels Las Vegas: Chic chambers provide a ‘patio-like’ atmosphere.
  • Equinox Hotel Hudson Yards, New York City: The in-room tech includes circadian rhythm lighting.
  • Palihotel Westwood Village: The minimalist aesthetic feels very true to European midscale hotels.
  • CitizenM Amstel Amsterdam: Compact size is cleverly countered by giant windows, high ceilings, and large beds.

Inviting Dining Spots

In the culinary world, one should not eat with only their mouth but with all their senses. This notion transpires in the best hotels around the world as in-house dining spaces are turning from overlooked to overbooked. Hotel restaurants are proving they can stand alone in their cities’ competitive food-scapes with their remarkable design, creative menu, warm ambience, and fantastic hospitality.

An open-kitchen concept at Noelle’s Makeready L&L in Nashville allows guests an interactive dining experience. On the other end of the spectrum, Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Botanist in Vancouver provides a lush setting that invites diners to partake in elegant gastronomy surrounded by vibrant florals and greenery.

Emphasizing the locality is also crucial as it infuses authentic flavours into the dishes while supporting local farmers, growers, and food markets.

  • The Hoxton, Chicago: The Mediterranean grill spot, Cira, boasts floor-ceiling windows for urban views.
  • Shinola Hotel Detroit: San Morello serves delicious Italian fare in a chic diner setup.
  • Nobu Hotel Los Cabos: The first Nobu restaurant in Mexico offers panoramic ocean views.
  • Ovolo The Valley Brisbane: Za Za Ta mixes Middle Eastern cuisines with an exciting bar atmosphere.
  • JW Marriott Maldives: A treetop restaurant features Thai cuisine served in a soothing setting.
  • The Standard London: The library lounge encourages lunch meetings and passerby coffees.

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Summary Table

Experience Hotel Unique Feature
Welcome Entrances Hoxton, Portland Patio heaters for guest comfort during cold days
Tailored Rooms The Luxury Collection’s ITC Royal Bengal, Kolkata Rooms featuring traditional Indian artwork
Inviting Dining Spots Nobu Hotel Los Cabos Panoramic ocean views at the flagship Nobu restaurant