Tips on Purchasing Rug for Any Room

While figuring out where the furniture should be placed in any room, it is equally important to think of the right placement of the rugs to ensure the right arrangement of the furniture. Rugs are the base for your room and size, shape, and color of the rug matters the styling of the room.

Living room

Placing a rug in the living room is trickier. Keep the planning and size of the space for the arrangement of different furniture when choosing the rug for the living room. For smaller living rooms a smaller rug can be used that can be placed in between the furniture and the coffee table in the center. And to give the room an illusion to look bigger, choose a bigger rug that fits all the furniture for unifying the space.

In an average-sized room, it is better to go with the larger rug with large anchor furniture around, with the front legs on top of it. Also, extend the rug beyond the sides of the sofa. 

A bigger rug can be used to frame the space of the larger rooms. Place all of the furniture entirely on top of the rug. And still, make sure to have enough space outside for walking around the furniture.

To divide the larger room up into different spaces for maybe different seating arrangement or to have the dining set up, it is best to use different rugs that define each of the spaces.

So it is extremely essential to buy a rug depending on the dimensions of the living room and furniture.


The size of the rug in a bedroom should be selected depending on the size of the bed. For a queen-sized bed, 8′ by 10′ would be the best while for a king-sized one would look better with a 9′ by 12′ rug. 

There are a lot of options to place the rug in the bedroom. The most preferred way is to place the rug partially under the bed, which could be laid perpendicular to the bed. Let the rug stop a few inches before the nightstands and around halfway under the bed. This set up will maximize the amount of useable rug space and gives a softer surface for you to set on when stepping out of the bed. Place the rug in the middle of a smaller bedroom. Else, a smaller sized rug could be placed at the foot of the bed to pull the decors in the room together.

Dining room

Place the rug at the center of the dining table. Make sure to have a bigger rug for the dining room as the chairs should be comfortably placed on the rug even when pulled out and away from the table when someone wants to sit on them. The chairs should not behalf on the rug and halt out when pulled out.

Rugs have the magical power to beautify any space in your house. It benefits in providing warmth and homeliness to any room. it ties together the elements in a room. Select the rug that complements the color scheme, and one that adds more color to a bland room, and cut down the clutter in any space. Make sure you buy the right-sized rug that complements the room and furniture in it.