Several Ways to Choose Doors

Everyone wants to create a comfortable environment, and coziness, by getting his own home. A harmonious combination of details forms a specific design. The interior door plays an important role in this. A well-chosen model harmonizes with furniture, floor covering, and wall colors.

Specialized stores offer a wide selection of door leaves of various kinds. You should not rely solely on the appearance of the products when choosing a door. Read more about this below.

Choose a construction

What are the functions of an interior door?  In addition to the aesthetic appearance, the door leaf zones the living space provides noise and heat insulation and muffles or increase the presence of light. The construction of the door plays an important role. There are the following popular types:

  1. Paneled interior door. They are made of natural wood, MDF sheets or glass. The door is covered with protective film, and veneer, and treated with a special agent, which protects against moisture.
  2. Panel type. The frame is made of timber, which is covered with sheet material with a smooth or fluted surface. It is characterized by resistance to humidity fluctuations and can have a glass insert. If it is solidly filled in, it is as good as panel construction at a more affordable price.
  3. The milled version of the solid wood is made of boards of softwood. To avoid deformation and rotting, the product is treated with a special compound, covered with varnish and paint.
  4. Veneered interior door. Made of pine, covered with sheets of wood of expensive species. Can be solid or hollow. The first option is preferable, it is more durable, and increases noise isolation.
  5. Glassdoor. A distinction is made between framed and frameless. Frame model is more durable, safe to use. Glass can be matte, transparent, mirror, or multicolored.
  6. Natural solid. It is a classic variant. During the manufacture, the budget pine or more valuable species are used: beech, oak, ash, and others.

Before making a choice, it is recommended to consider what type of leaf you need.

Where to buy

You can order an interior door in the online store There is a wide range of products and we accept custom orders. The electronic catalog presents the following models:

  • classical hinged;
  • folding;
  • sliding;
  • rotary-sliding and others.

The site has a pleasant interface and easy navigation. There are special offers, and a loyalty program.

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