7 Ways To Accommodate Your Neighbors During A Renovation

For most homeowners, having renovations carried out on their property can be
an incredibly stressful experience, but it can also add stress to the lives of your
neighbors, too. If there’s a lot of noisy banging and drilling going on, for
example, it’s bound to disturb them, and perhaps even more than it would you,
if you’ve moved out of the property while work is ongoing.

With this in mind, if you want to stay on the right side of your neighbors while
having your home renovated, it pays to take heed of certain ways to
accommodate them and keep them:

1. Never hide the fact that renovations are ongoing
If you’re trying to bend the rules or avoid having to get the permits that you
need, you could be tempted to try and hide the renovation work from your
neighbors. However, this is always a bad idea, as is failing to get the appropriate

2. Always give them prior warning
Nobody likes surprises, least of all your neighbors when it comes to your home
being renovated. Let them know that work will soon be ongoing, and that if they
have any problems during the renovation, they can contact you.

3. Renovate at the right time
Do some research into community noise bylaws where you live, and check
whether there are certain times of the day or week in which renovation work (or
at least certain types of renovation work ) are not permitted to be carried out.
You should avoid heavy work taking place at times that are likely to upset your

4. Keep them up-to-date
As work progresses, it’s polite to keep your neighbors informed as to what work
is going to be carried out, along with a rough timeline of the whole project. Try
also to be respectful and understanding of any concerns they may have.

5. Let them know how to get hold of you
If you plan to move out while the work is being carried out, it’s important to
give your neighbors a way to get hold of you.

6. As best you can, keep things clean and tidy
While a certain amount of dust and debris are almost impossible to prevent
during a renovation, you should try your best to minimize it for the sake of
those living around you. Even if your general contractor and their team are
doing their best to keep the place clean, it pays to check on it periodically and
dispose of whatever you can, safely and appropriately.

7. Be thankful
If your neighbors have been supportive of the renovation going on at your own
home, it pays to find a way to show your gratitude to them. Whether it be a
simple card or small gift, or you invite them around for dinner once the work
has been completed, showing your appreciation will go a long way towards
maintaining good neighbor relations.

With these 7 ways to accommodate your neighbors during a renovation,
you should get the home of your dreams, and still be able to rely on your
neighbors to water the houseplants for you while you’re away!