Using Google Bard to quickly find content ideas related to SEO

Tangential SEO: Using Google Bard to identify content ideas fast

Overview of Tangential SEO

Tangential SEO is the process of creating content that may not be directly related to what your brand sells or services but can attract a wider audience. It’s a little indirect approach to SEO, but it’s proven effective time and again. Instead of focusing solely on the keywords related to your products/services, you venture out and try to capture a broader band of audience.

By crafting content around subjects loosely connected to your core offerings, your potential reach expands significantly beyond your niche audience to an entire spectrum of readers who wouldn’t have found you otherwise. In essence, tangential content could potentially drive more traffic to your site.

The idea behind this strategy is simple: If your website provides value in areas correlated to your main offerings, it can lead to higher search engine rankings and bring more people onto your site. These visitors, while initially attracted by your tangential content, might take an interest in your actual products or services over time.

Imagine running an eco-friendly cleaning products business. A portion of your content is guided towards environmentally friendly cleaning methods, sustainable living tips, or DIY natural cleaners.

  • DIY natural dishwasher detergent
  • Tips for reducing plastic waste at home
  • A guide to composting kitchen waste
  • How-to on recycling household items
  • Facts about ocean pollution
  • Promoting eco-friendly habits among children

Introducing Google Bard

Google Bard is a high-quality lyric generator trained on a vast array of internet text using OpenAI’s advanced language model, GPT-3. But it’s not just a tool for generating song lyrics; it’s also powerful for brainstorming content ideas. You input a starting phrase or keyword and let Google Bard generate diverse outputs based on these inputs, fueled by deep learning capabilities.

Google Bard serves as an excellent tool for tangential SEO. It doesn’t just stick to your input keyword but rather invests creatively, expanding out to related themes – making it perfect for generating tangentially connected content ideas.

Imagine that you could generate countless ideas for blog posts, articles, social media content, etc., simply on the basis of a nucleus word or concept, allowing you to tread beyond the conventional paths ventured by most businesses online.

An illustration: Suppose you’re in the game development field and want Google Bard to generate ideas for your next blog post. You write “video game development” into Google Bard, and here is what you could get:

  • The correlation between music and gaming experience
  • Historical evolution of video games
  • Influence of video games on youth culture
  • Virtual reality and the future of gaming
  • The psychology behind game addiction
  • Ethical considerations in game design

Benefits of Tangential Content

Creating and promoting tangential content can provide some valuable benefits. By creating content loosely related to what we sell, we can reach a broader audience, potentially leading to increased traffic and higher search engine rankings, and indirectly promote our products or services through the added interest.

In order to stand out from the competition, sometimes you need to think outside the box. Crafting tangential content helps brands do just that—it spices things up. Instead of churning out the same niche-specific content, diversify your portfolio with fresh, unexpected themes to intrigue your readership.

So, consider venturing out of the strict confines of what surrounds your product or service, and start exploring issues, ideas, or topics slightly off-beat. Watch your brand make a difference.

Let’s take a company that specialises in pet care. Here are potential tangential topic ideas:

  • How to make a homemade dog toy
  • Celebrities and their pets – fun stories
  • Top 10 animated movies that feature animals
  • Pets influencing human mental health
  • Laws about domesticating exotic pets
  • Famous literary works featuring animals

Understanding Your Audience

The key to successful tangential content lies in a deep understanding of your audience. Knowing who they are, what interests them outside the immediate realm of your product/service gives you a cornerstone for creating content that truly resonates.

Your task is to find out where your audience’s other interests lie, then create and optimize content around these areas to appeal to their curiosity. Remember, the goal isn’t just to be found; it’s also to keep your visitors engaged when they arrive on your site.

Analyzing customer behavior and conducting surveys could provide insights into the parallel interests of your audience, helping form a strategic bridge between your core offerings and just-that-little-bit-relevant content.
Suppose you run an online store selling sports apparel. Research might show your audience has a high interest in maintaining their physique. Here are a few tangentially related content ideas :

  • Best at-home workout routines
  • Top fitness influencers to follow
  • Nutrition guides for athletes
  • Mindfulness exercises for enhancing your game
  • Latest trends in athleisure wear
  • A look at how professional athletes train

Strategically Using Tangential Content

Use tangential content strategically. Think system—how this new wave of unconventional content fits into your overall content marketing strategy and how it ties back to your brand character, message, and solidifies your positions in search engines. Always link the tangential content back to your product or service subtly.

The value of tangential content lies not in direct conversions but in its ability to attract, engage, and retain a broader set of audience. Over time, these visitors could become your loyal customers, having seen the value you provide in areas related to your primary offerings.

Imagine running a travel and tourism agency. While your core content would be about destinations and travel packages, your tangential content could cover:

  • Top travel books to inspire wanderlust
  • The psychology behind travel and happiness
  • How to pack efficiently for a week away
  • Famous adventurers and explorers and their stories
  • Different cultures worldwide: an overview
  • Coping with post-travel blues: tips and tricks

Tangential SEO and Link Building

One of the major perks attached to tangential content is its link building potential. Creating quality content that intersects various interest points would naturally appeal to a larger segment of people—more shares, more recognition, and consequently, more backlinks.

In essence, your tangential content can become quite a useful tool in your SEO arsenal, helping prop up your website’s search engine ranking by generating organic backlinks. The sky’s the limit when it comes to tangential content possibilities, making it an exceptional strategy for capturing high domain authority links.

Consider a business blog centered around personal finance. Here are some link-enticing tangential topic ideas :

  • Movies about Wall Street and what they teach us about finance
  • Peculiar world traditions about money
  • Economic crises in history and lessons learned
  • Financial literacy programs for kids
  • Exploring the world of crypto-art
  • The philosophy of money: exploring its impact on society

Final Thoughts on Tangential SEO and Google Bard

To wrap up, tangential SEO is a powerful way to expand your reach, increase engagements, drive more traffic, and build valuable links. By leveraging the power of tools like Google Bard for brainstorming unconventional content ideas, you open up new possibilities and unique ways to connect with, engage, and retain your audience.

Remember, striking the right balance between core and tangential content is key. The core content solidifies your authority in your niche, while tangential content affirms your versatility and keeps readers interested. Give it a go and explore how tangential SEO can provide an unexpected boost to your overall digital marketing strategy!

A fitness supplement company could implement tangential SEO strategies like:

  • Spotlight on famous athletes and their health regimens
  • Navigating the dilemma of diet v/s exercise
  • Mental health advantages of regular physical activity
  • Exploring exciting outdoor sports
  • A beginner’s guide to yoga
  • Nutrition myths busted: fact-checking popular health beliefs/li>

## Summary Table
| Topics | Introduction | Generated Ideas by Google Bard |
| Eco-friendly cleaning products business | An eco-friendly cleaning product company can generate tangential content ideas that cater to a wider audience, adhering to environmental themes beyond merely cleaning strategies.| DIY natural dishwasher detergent, Tips for reducing plastic waste at home, How-to on recycling household items, Facts about ocean pollution, etc.|
| Game development business | A business dealing with game development can employ Google Bard to generate creative and tangential content ideas around game development, opening up avenues to discuss myriad aspects of gaming and its impacts. | The correlation between music and gaming experience, Influence of video games on youth culture, Ethical considerations in game design, etc.|
| Fitness apparel online store | A fitness apparel business could use insights from its audience’s related interests, like maintaining physique and wellness, to generate tangential content.| Best at-home workout routines, Top fitness influencers to follow, A look at how professional athletes train, etc.|
|Travel and tourism agency | A travel and tourism agency could create a wide range of content exploring the various facets of travel that can attract potential customers from diverse interest bases.| Top travel books to inspire wanderlust, Different cultures worldwide: an overview, Coping with post-travel blues: tips and tricks, etc.|
| Personal finance blog | A personal finance blog could make use of intriguing tangential content ideas in order to garner more organic backlinks and widen their reader base.| Movies about Wall Street and what they teach us about finance, Peculiar world traditions about money, Exploring the world of crypto-art, etc.|

Remember, *the success of your tangential SEO strategy lies in understanding your audience, creating engaging content that alleviates their curiosity, and skilfully interweaving these fresh themes alongside your core focus points – all while maintaining the distinct voice and message of your brand.*