Top Paying Agile Certifications to Consider in 2023

Top Paying Agile Certifications to Consider in 2023

The agile movement in software is part of a larger movement towards more humane and dynamic workplaces in the 21st century.

  • Rowan Bunning

Indeed! Today’s digital business environment requires an Agile approach to promote continuous innovation, solve crucial business issues and become disruptive market leaders. Agile has stood out as a project management and software development methodology and has enabled IT workers to deliver top-notch results rapidly and consequently improving their career chances. Those who aspire to learn more about this methodology are already pursuing various Agile certifications to gain work-ready skills and get ahead of their peers. While some prefer to take Scrum master training, others learn the Agile approach from scratch by preparing for a reputed Agile certification.

If you are new to Agile certifications, then you may be overwhelmed with the varying information available over the internet and find it difficult to decide which one to pursue. So, in this article, we have mentioned the top-paying Agile certifications that are worth achieving in 2023.

Read on to find out!

Certified Scrum Master 

This certification is offered by Scrum Alliance and is suitable for everyone willing to gain a sound knowledge of Scrum and learn the practical ways of applying the framework on their team and throughout their organization. Further, you will explore more about team accountabilities, artifacts, and events and guide your team to implement Scrum. The Scrum Alliance CSM course is considered a gold standard of certification in the field of software development.

When you enroll in the CSM training program, you will gain hands-on skills and be better prepared to pass the CSM certification exam. The training involves at least 14 hours of interactive instruction from a verified trainer. The CSM exam is a 60-minute test that involves 50 questions, and you need to answer at least 37 of them correctly to pass it.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

The Project Management Insitute, popularly known for offering the renowned PMP certification, also administers the Agile Certified Practitioner credential. It demonstrates your skills and expertise in Agile technologies, including Kanban, Scrum, Lean test-driven development, and extreme programming. Those who work as part of Agile teams or in an organization that is adopting Agile practices can consider achieving this certification.

As part of the eligibility criteria, you must have a secondary degree, 21 contact hours of training in Agile practices, 12 months of general project experience within the last five years, and 8 months of Agile project experience within the last three years. The PMI-ACP certification exam involves 120 multiple-choice questions with a time limit of three hours.

Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) is the organization that administers the Professional Scrum Master I certification. It verifies your understanding of the Scrum framework, the ways to apply Scrum, and the Scrum Master responsibilities. As a PSM I certification holder, employers will understand that you know Scrum as described in the Scrum Guide and how it is applied in Scrum Teams. recommends aspirants take either the Professional Scrum Master course or the Applying Professional Scrum course to prepare for the PSM certification exam. Note that this training is recommended and not mandatory; you can appear for the PSM I exam even if you don’t take any of these courses.

The PSM I exam consists of 80 questions in formats like multiple choice, multiple answers, and true/false. The time allowed is 60 minutes, and the passing score is 85%.

Agile Programme Management (Agile PgM)

This certification is offered by the UK-based APMG International in partnership with the Agile Business Consortium. The certification teaches you how to manage organizational change using a disciplined yet adaptable agile methodology, giving you the skills you need to ensure a program realizes its goals. It will give you the ability to assist a company in achieving transformational change at lower cost, better speed, and lower risk.

The certification focuses on areas like the nature and structure of an Agile programme lifecycle, planning to support an Agile programme, communication in an Agile programme, stakeholder strategies, and the contribution of people in an Agile programme. The Agile PgM exam consists of four sections with a total of 50 questions of multiple choice type. With a time limit of 40 minutes, you need to score at least 25 marks (out of 50) to pass it.

Agile Fundamentals Certification by IC Agile 

The Internation Consortium for Agile or IC Agile offers the Agile Fundamentals certification for those people who want to verify their knowledge of the Agile mindset, principles, values, and foundational concepts. As a certification holder, you will have a sound understanding of the origins of Agile, incremental development, product adaptation, and how to establish the Agile mindset. The program is suitable for product development and delivery professionals who are willing to develop an Agile mindset.

The program involves training of at least 14 hours, which can be attended remotely and requires your active participation. After finishing the class and post-class survey, you will earn a certificate that can be shared across your professional network. Note that there is no exam associated with this certification.

With such reputed certifications, wouldn’t you like to start a career in Agile soon?