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The Supplement Industry for Worldwide Health

In the pursuit to improve our health in the coming years, the supplement industry has been widely adopted as an important step in daily health regimens. It’s no surprise that this growth had been caused by the pandemic. In 2020 alone, supplement sales rose at an exponential level. Women’s vitamins have increased by 19.6% clocking in $474 million in revenue; men’s vitamins rose by 33.7% with $229 million, and children’s vitamins saw an increase of 37.2% with $306 million in revenue. This increase is natural because of an increase in the desire to be healthier after the COVID-19 era. However, even after that, there are concerns in general about why people are taking more supplements. The population is aging worldwide with 1 in 6 people reaching the age of 60 and older by 2030. In just 23 years, deaths due to illness rose to 10%. Coupling this with the fact that the world death rate has increased four years in a row. 


Obviously, there is no cure for death, but including supplements in one’s daily life can ensure a healthy body and mind. In fact, there has been new scientific backing to validate the effectiveness of vitamins. Vitamins have the potential to improve physiological and cognitive, and functional outcomes. It can also reduce injuries and increase performance during workouts. Lastly, it can slow the rate of brain shrinkage, therefore, improving neurological health. Although, supplemental is far from finished growing. Medical scientists are branching out into other options for people to choose to take their supplements. The most popular option in the last five years is gummy so taking vitamins can be more enjoyable as opposed to swallowing a pill with water. 

The Big Business of Supplements