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Personalizing Your Brand With Corporate Gifting

Did you know that corporate gift giving can improve relationships with current and future clients? 23% of companies report corporate gifts generate leads and connections because those companies are more likely to be remembered fondly by their clients. So, how does gift giving lead to more successful business?


Many of the reasons gift giving is so effective is due to psychology, and working with branding experts like Brand Council can help you tap into these principles for your branding efforts..  Giving a client a gift provides an immediate emotional connection. Clients then feel motivated, encouraged, and valued by your brand and are more likely to continue working with you in the future. What’s more, clients who have received gifts are more likely to speak highly of you to their friends and family. This positive feedback can then generate new leads and even more business in the future. 


Successful companies have proven that gift giving can be a great tool to improve relationships with clients, but did you know personalizing these gifts specifically to your clients personalities can lead to even more business?


Psychologist Carl Jung developed a theory of personality archetypes in the 1940s that defined 12 major kinds of personalities seen throughout history. Discovering which personality archetype makes up the majority of your clients can help to make gifts even more personal and meaningful to customers.


To learn more about how to tailor your corporate gifting to clients, take a look at the infographic below:


Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype