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Influence Networks In Business and Colleges

The power of a healthy influence network can be often overlooked, but 98% of Fortune 500 companies don’t have some form of alumni network for nothing. Knowing the right people in the right positions can give you an edge that nothing else can. Networking with established professionals and creating meaningful relationships has benefits for employees and employers alike. Experienced professionals can mentor newer employees, as well as lend assistance in promotions or career changes. For employers, exclusive job postings, resume reviews, and other free resources can be accessed with alumni networks. 


Networking with alumni and having them vouch for your company can be very powerful for putting your brand out there. Alumni as brand advocates are worth 5 times more than a regular consumer and businesses that actively engage alumni see substantial net new business. Influence networks are also an invaluable resource for finding early investors in startups. Investors are much more likely to invest in startups created by founders from their alma mater. A study of venture capital investments over a 19 year period found that 1 in 3 investors and founders attended the same college or university. 

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The Power of Influence Networks
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