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Remote Work Is Shaping the Jobs of the Future

Work is rapidly changing as many workers aren’t satisfied with their current jobs. Over 60% of all workers would switch jobs for the opportunity to work from home and over 30% of knowledge workers have quit their jobs because they weren’t allowed to work remotely. Those who are already working from home are reporting feeling happier and more productive than ever.


Jobs of the future will rely much more heavily on human relationships and creativity as technology takes over more mundane aspects of work. Staying ahead of the competition means keeping your employees healthy, happy, and more easily able to collaborate in the future we’re heading towards. This means that jobs will have more flexible workspaces, giving employees the choice on what’s best for them. Work will also be based much more around cooperation and teamwork, with workers across different groups and locations sharing ideas and solutions with each other. Workspaces themselves will start to become more centered on comfort with a large emphasis on employee wellness. Perks such as nap rooms and pet days may sound a little outlandish, but jobs of the future will learn ways to cultivate the innovation and creativity necessary.


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Jobs Of The Future