The 4 Best Countries for Hiring Software Engineers

The 4 Best Countries for Hiring Software Engineers

The demand for skilled software engineers has grown exponentially in the past decade, as businesses attempt to keep pace with technological advancements, embrace digital transformations in their respective industries, and stand out with consumers. As the demand grows, businesses are looking beyond their area codes – and beyond their national borders – to find the right talent. 

If you’re looking for global software engineers, this is your guide. Remember to partner with a global Employer of Record (EOR), which enables your company to quickly and compliantly grow your global team without establishing a foreign legal entity by hiring and paying your international workforce while you focus on your core business objectives. 

Where should you start your search for software engineers? While tech hotspots exist in all corners of the globe, these four countries mount a compelling case for being the best. 


India is the world’s most populous country, so even from a raw numbers perspective, it has a massive advantage. Beyond its size, India has a vast network of post-secondary engineering programs churning out skilled grads, competitive labor costs, high levels of English proficiency, and several national tech hubs, like Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. 

It’s often the first choice for a company building out its software engineering team, and you can see why. Few other countries balance India’s skill volume, cost-effectiveness, and ease of employment. 


The US’s northern neighbor, Canada has historically been a top choice for American companies hiring abroad. The strategic employment of Canadian engineers helps an American company gain a foothold with its largest trading partner. 

Moreover, Canada is filled with world-class STEM university programs, tech incubators, and research grants, making it a fierce force in software engineering. Its lax immigration policies benefit from global “brain gain,” with engineers around the world calling Canada home. Its proximity and shared language make communication straightforward. Wages are slightly (though not significantly) lower for Canadian engineers vs. their American counterparts. 


Romania’s robust tech sector, centered in the capital city of Bucharest, boasts numerous skilled software engineers. Like India, the country benefits from an attractive mix of competitive labor costs, high skill levels (bolstered by excellent Eastern European STEM education), and an advantageous tax structure for foreign companies. 

The United Kingdom

The UK’s tech scene is vast and vibrant. The country’s schools rank among the best in the world, and it shows in the diversity and depth of software engineering talent. 

English proficiency is obviously a feature here (the country did invent the language). High-volume immigration from places like Eastern Europe and India adds diversity and skill to the mix. The average wage in London for software engineers is roughly half that of Silicon Valley. Provided you work with a global EOR, hiring in the UK should be a cinch. 

If your company wants to remain competitive in the modern business landscape, it needs software engineers. Consider these four countries as you expand your search, and partner with a global EOR to streamline the hiring and HR management processes. Having good hires is key.