How to Choose the Best Drone for Photography

There are more and more people who want to buy a drone for photography and video shooting every year, and it is not surprising. It is easy enough to learn how to operate them, and they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Initially, the device was launched at home or on the street just for fun, but gradually the scope has expanded, and the number of radio-controlled modifications has increased rapidly. Thanks to special drone apps, their use has become even easier. You can read more about this on Skylum’s blog.

shallow focus photography of quadcopter

You can find universal drones for shooting and highly specialized copters for hunting, underwater research, fishing, an inspection of industrial facilities, surveying, agriculture, etc. They can be launched almost anywhere, taken on trips, or used to create content for social networks. Before buying, you need to analyze products according to key criteria and choose the most suitable option.

Is There Any Reason to Buy an Expensive Model?

The price range is very wide, and the buyer’s expenses are not always justified. In order not to spend too much, you need to deal with your individual requirements and set the maximum price bar. An expensive model with many functions can be useful in the following cases:

  • the device will be operated daily and in intensive mode;

  • you plan to shoot in extreme conditions;

  • you need the equipment to perform professional tasks;

  • you have advanced drone control skills;

  • the budget allows you to buy an innovative device.

Choosing the best drone for shooting

Even if you want to buy a drone as quickly as possible and start making pictures or shooting videos, you should not be in a hurry when choosing a model. Your decision will determine not only the sum spent on the device but also the convenience of its use, the time spent on obtaining content, the quality of the video, and the longevity of the technology. Definitely do not invest in a drone for photography from an unknown manufacturer or turn to dubious suppliers. This is fraught with overpayments, a long wait for your order, and a high probability of buying defective products. The best conditions for the purchase are direct partners of brands and manufacturers.

black drone on air over cloudy sky at daytime

When deciding which quadcopter to buy for shooting, you should be guided by the following parameters:

  • Weight and dimensions – determine the degree of stability of the model in the wind. For children, variations weighing up to 250 grams and with a distance between the propellers of 200-250 mm are suitable. Larger quadcopters with a mass of 0.5-1 kg and a distance of over 350 mm are adapted for flights on the street and have additional equipment.

  • Camera capabilities – here it all depends on the purpose of use. A quadcopter for aerial photography should be equipped with a 4K camera and FPV system to view images online and achieve high image accuracy. Drones with three-axis stabilization are considered the best.

  • Safety – it would be wise to buy a drone for shooting with propellers protected by a special frame to prevent collision damage to the device and surrounding objects. Especially important is the availability of protection for beginners, whose equipment falls with enviable regularity. When choosing a device for street shooting you should choose a model with rubberized landing legs that minimize the mechanical impact at the moment of landing.

  • Propeller characteristics. The more massive the screws, the better it is in terms of providing stability of movement in the air. On the other hand, small rotating parts allow you to perform various tricks and give good acceleration. When choosing a propeller it is necessary to take into account the direct correlation between the number of blades and vibration.

  • The maximum distance and duration of the flight. Professional devices allow you to shoot at a distance of up to 3-5 km, but it makes no sense for the average user to spend too much on such a device. Beginners and children will suit the copters, flying at 30-100 meters, and for those who have already mastered the basics of controlling such equipment, the stores can offer versions with a radius of 200-300 meters. The duration of the flight is determined by the battery capacity and the power consumption of built-in equipment – in most cases, 25-40 minutes of autonomous operation will be sufficient.

  • Control features. Most of the copters are managed by remote control, but for experienced operators, there are drones, whose movements can be checked via an application installed on your smartphone.

  • Delivery kit – most devices are sold as ready-to-use, but to be sure of this you can look at the labeling. There should be a marking RTF.

person holding quadcopter controller

What you need to know before flying a drone

Before you turn it on and start taking it off, make sure you know how to operate your drone safely. For your first flight, it is best to choose a space that is as free of obstacles as possible – no houses, people, wires, or trees. With a little practice, you’ll soon be able to take amazing pictures! With our tips, you will make the best choice for your shooting. We wish you good luck!