generative AI in marketing

How Generative AI Is Shaping The Future Of Marketing

Over 75% of companies are starting to dabble and explore the use of AI in marketing – including generative AI. Generative AI is an algorithm fed existing content to create new content, ranging from audio and image generation to text and even code generation. The goal is to ‘teach’ machine learning systems with previous content so the machine can go on to ‘think’ and create new content. Training these systems requires a massive database of content for the machine to ‘learn’ from. ChatGPT uses 45 terabytes of text to generate its responses – that’s over a million feet of bookshelf space costing a whopping $12 million to run.


Marketing professionals in many massive industries are starting to incorporate AI in nearly every level of operation. From legal and financial services to retail and pharmacy, AI is rapidly becoming more and more common. In the last 5 years, the use of AI has more than doubled and is now prominently used in marketing lead scoring, customer service routing, and a plethora of other fields. 

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