Helpful Tips for Buying a Great Tennis Bag

Helpful Tips for Buying a Great Tennis Bag

In any sport, there are going to be bags in just about every shape and size. From a coach’s, professional’s bag that holds up to between a dozen and fifteen rackets to the more simplified three to four racket bags for match day.

Then a Tennis player must ponder what makes for a good sports bag and how will they utilize which type of bag for what occasions. For the budget conscious person, there will be all-in-one options that will provide value and quality.

In this article will be a quick rundown of what to look for in a Tennis bag and what the sports manufacturing world has to offer.

What makes a good Tennis Bag?

This will be open to debate, because there will be about as many opinion as players; there are however certain features to look for when purchasing a bag and for which occasion. The backpacks and equipment bags will have a suspiciously standard sports bag look in most cases, but you get into the compartments and zipper pockets.

A bag will need space for accessories, match shoes and towels, and water bottles to name a few common items found on the tennis courts. When it comes to finding a bag for the tennis rackets themselves, be sure to have extra space for different length handles and keep in mind how to utilize certain types of pockets and zipper pouches.

What makes a good bag is the materials used to make it, the options that offer compatibility for players of all skill levels, and many contributors will mention the need for thermal layered sidewalls plus having room for snacks, sunglasses, shoestrings, and other equipment.

What are the special features to keep an eye out for?

The most important thing to have for an equipment bag is to have quality materials that a weatherproof, element proof, and thermal structure walls are not a bad idea either. Another crucial aspect to be mentally aware of would be to find a bag with room for all the various needs that could arise on the court.

The tennis racket bag will need to have enough space to accommodate rackets safely, but also have room for the simple knickknacks such as the snack bars, extra balls, vizors, sunglasses and towels to name a few. Provided is a simple checklist to consider when selecting a Tennis Bag:

  • Total capacity – makes sure there is ample room for the number and size of the rackets
  • Total compartments – there are going to be varying styles, but check the spaces available within the bag itself
  • Element proof – Check if the bag has weatherproofing, thermo-protected, and other nature resistant features.
  • Ventilation – As with any athlete, there is going to be a buildup of sweat stained clothing and shoes that can have some stinky odors; be sure to have ventilation options when choosing a bag.
  • Handles, straps, other features – Check out the shoulder straps, the different handle positions, zippers, and look for the accessories to fit all your equipment.

The game of Tennis was invented to be played for enjoyment, this is so with purchasing any sort of gear or equipment that goes with the sport. The shoes, clothing style, visors, and of course bags will be an expression of the self and can be a fun experience buying and using at the court.

Whether you go online or in store, take your time when shopping and enjoy the processes as much as possible.