Everything You Need to Know About Stunt Scooters

Everything You Need to Know About Stunt Scooters

Have you seen those RAZOR brand scooters the kids ride down the block, or the occasional extreme sports scooter rider that hits the bowls at the local skatepark? The latter rider would be riding what is referred to as a stunt scooter, which is engineered to perform various stunt tricks and should be restricted to use only in the skate parks or for professional use.

There are going to be trick style stunt scooters that will help a rider perform a trick off a rail or jump, but then you will have the stunt scooters designed for the trails and outdoor terrain.

What are the best brands for beginners and kids?

There are more than a few dozen different brands of scooter out on the markets, each offering different reasons for needing to use their bi-wheeled traveling gadget. Stunt Scooters will come in various forms, to focus on the urban environments and terrain parks there will be a few brands that stick out.

Below is a simple list of five known beginner and kid friendly stunt scooters on the market today:

  • ARCADE Pro Scooters – provides for beginners, kids, and can be used by teens
  • Gonex Pro Scooters – for the kid, teen entering the intermediate skill level
  • Haptoo Trick Scooters – for the kids and teens busting tricks at the local park
  • Fuzion Z250 SE Pro Scooters – Good for kids aged eight to adult, a potential lifetime ride
  • VOKUL Complete Pro Scooters – These are going to be for the teenager that outgrew their first scooter.

What brands do the professionals use?

Remember the small reference to the offroad capable scooters, when you get out of the beginner, amateur levels and into the professional realm you begin to use scooters on all terrains. As before mentioned, focusing on the trick’s scooters, one of the top selling reputable models would be the Fuzion X-3 pro scooter.

Provided below are five models of scooters made for the adult stunt scooter rider:

  • Envy Scooter Prodigy S9 street edition
  • Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Adult Freestyle stunt scooter
  • Invictus Complete Adult professional stunt scooter
  • Gotrax ST Pro 300 Aircraft Aluminum freestyle scooter
  • Xootr Cruz Adult Kick Scooter

Starting tricks to learn

When it comes to starting out learning how to perform tricks on a stunt scooter, there are going to be a few easy to do beginner tricks to practice and develop skills for later advanced tricks. Here is a pair of simple starter ticks that will be a good place to start for beginners and kids:

  • The bunny hop, which is the easiest place to start with rolling forward and popping a jump with the moment generated moving forward.
  • The 180 hop is the next step in tricks following the bunny hop but instead the rider will hop and land after turning one hundred and eighty degrees in the air.

Stunt Scooters are a developing extreme and street sport piece of equipment that blends the BMX bike and the skateboard almost seamlessly. Like the bike and skateboard, the scooter can get a person from A to B with most speed than walking.

When referring to the stunt scooters of today, the important thing is to keep them off the street to maintain the smoother ride needed to execute some of the more extreme professional level tricks.