Ease the Physical Symptoms of Stress Using These 5 Tricks

When a person is stressed, they are often so focused on trying to fix the supposed cause of their stress that they fail to do anything that actually relaxes them. Often it is more difficult to see the solution to the stress from your perspective compared to an observer. Since stress feels like an emotional response to a problem, your mind will most likely be searching frantically for an answer. Instead, concentrate on easing the physical symptoms and notice how the sensation of stress starts to fade both physically and mentally.

  1. Slow Your Breathing

Stress is an emotion that often comes with a feeling of being out of control. There are many reasons you might feel this way, but the most direct route to quelling the heightened emotion is to take charge of what you can control. It might seem overstated or cliche, but taking the time to slow your breathing truly works against stress. When your body becomes alert, your breathing quickens and your heart rate increases, sending signals to your body that you are in danger. By managing your breaths, you reassure your body that there is no danger, and you can approach the problem more logically.

  1. Soothe Your Headache

Headaches and migraines are commonly associated with stress. Sometimes they can be so painful that they become the main reason to be stressed, diminishing the significance of the original cause. Treating the headache can go a long way to reducing your stress, so look for ways that work for you. For example, sumatriptan migraine treatment could be effective for you.

  1. Unclench Your Muscles

Tension in your body can keep you in a heightened state of stress even if you have calmed your breathing and dealt with your headache. Sometimes when you are stressed, you may not even be aware of how tightly you are holding yourself. Try to consciously relax every muscle in your body. If this is too difficult, a hot bath or some stretching exercises can help not only to relax your muscles but also to distract your mind.

  1. Calm Your Stomach

Have you ever been so stressed that your stomach felt ill? This is another common physical sign of stress that you can tackle. When you notice the sensation of a sore stomach as a result of stress, avoid overeating or drinking a lot of liquid all at once. Eat something mild and small at first to see how your body copes with it. You will learn what works for you with time. 

  1. Tackle the Root of the Stress

Sometimes the only solution is to face the problem head-on. If you have tried overcoming each of the physical symptoms with no luck, it might be time to focus instead on why you are feeling stressed in the first place. This can be done by meditation, mindfulness, or talking to a mental health professional. Even if you do successfully manage the physical signs, it is still important to address your issues.