Discovering Crete

Discovering Crete: A Comprehensive Guide to Taxi Services on the Island

Crete, the largest island in Greece, is renowned for its stunning beaches, vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, and rich history. If youre planning a visit to this enchanting Mediterranean paradise, one of the most convenient ways to move around the island is by taking a taxi. In this comprehensive guide, well take you through the various taxi options available on the island, tips on hailing a cab, understanding fares, and the benefits of booking your taxi online. Lets begin our journey across Crete!

Traditional Taxis in Crete

The most common form of taxi service in Crete is the traditional taxi. These cars are easily recognizable by their silver color and illuminated “TAXI” sign on the roof. You can find them in taxi ranks outside airports, seaports, bus stations, public facilities, and major tourist attractions. Traditional taxis operate 24/7, making them a convenient option for traveling within cities or reaching remote areas.

Hailing a Taxi in Crete

Hailing a taxi in Crete is as easy as raising your hand! Be sure to stand close to the curb and make a clear signal to the oncoming taxi. You can also catch a taxi at designated taxi ranks or call to request one. Keep in mind that taxis in Crete can carry up to four passengers, making them ideal for group travel. Although drivers are generally friendly and helpful, its advisable to have the address or name of your destination written down in Greek if you dont speak the language.

Metered Fares and Extra Charges

Taxi fares in Crete are regulated by the government, ensuring fair and consistent pricing. All legally operating taxis are equipped with a taxi meter to calculate the fare based on distance traveled and waiting time. Flagging down a taxi on the street will incur an initial charge, with extra fees for luggage, airport and port transfers, public holiday dates, and travel during nighttime hours. Be aware that taxis operating in rural or remote areas may not follow the standard fare policy, so its important to negotiate the fare upfront to avoid unexpected surprises when its time to pay.

Pre-Booking Taxis for a Worry-Free Experience

To make your Crete vacation as smooth as possible, consider pre-booking a taxi either online or through a local travel agency. Pre-booked taxis provide fixed prices, preventing any misunderstandings over fares, and can be a more cost-effective option for longer journeys or when traveling with a group. Booking in advance also guarantees that youll have transportation waiting for you upon arrival, a crucial advantage if youre arriving late at night or during peak tourist season.

Cretes Island-Wide Taxi Services

Several companies provide island-wide taxi services in Crete, allowing you to fully explore the island without being limited by public transportation schedules. These companies cater to various needs, offering minibusses for larger groups, luxury cars for special occasions, and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Island-wide taxi services are perfect for planning day trips to famous Crete landmarks like the Samaria Gorge, Knossos Palace, or Elafonisi Beach. Make sure to book at least two days in advance to secure your preferred vehicle and pick-up time.

Eco-Friendly Hybrid and Electric Taxis

As a growing destination for eco-conscious travelers, Crete strives to provide environmentally friendly transportation options, including hybrid and electric taxis. These taxis can be identified by their unique green roof signs and reduced noise pollution, contributing to greener transportation solutions across Crete. Some popular tourist areas may also offer electric rickshaw or bike taxis, further promoting energy-efficient modes of transportation on the island.

Tips for a Stress-Free Taxi Experience in Crete

1. Carry small bills and coins as taxi drivers may not have change for large notes.
2. Consider downloading a Greek language app if you dont speak the language to simplify communication with your driver.
3. Always check for the taxi drivers ID and a functioning meter to ensure youre using a legally certified taxi service.
4. If planning to travel during peak tourist season, book your taxi well in advance to ensure availability.
5. When booking your taxi online or through an agency, double-check the details such as pick-up time, location, and destination to prevent misunderstandings.


Taxis provide an efficient and flexible means of transportation to explore the enchanting landscapes and vibrant cities of Crete. With various options such as traditional taxis, island-wide services, and eco-friendly alternatives, visitors can find a taxi service tailored to their preferences and itinerary. Pre-booking a taxi not only guarantees prompt and reliable transportation but also allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable Crete vacation experience.