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9 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Back-to-school is an exciting time full of promise and anticipation for the new year. Students are eager to select the perfect school supplies, try out for their favorite sport and enjoy upcoming events and field trips. But along with all the learning and the fun comes a great deal of expense for schools and families alike. And even in the best of circumstances, available funds never quite seem to stretch far enough.


That’s where school fundraisers come in. New textbooks, playground equipment, art and music programs, extracurricular activities and more are all worthy needs that might need a bit of a boost, and fundraising can help bridge that gap. 


9 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Schools

In today’s economic times, it’s more important than ever for teachers, PTAs and school leaders to focus their fundraising efforts on endeavors that can have the biggest impact. But, it’s also important to keep the element of “fun” in “fundraising” to ensure students, organizers and your target audience are invested and interested enough to make it worthwhile for all.


It can be overwhelming to think about how great the need is for the supplies and resources that are so valuable in creating an enriching educational environment, but have no fear – with a strategic approach, outstanding teamwork and the right fundraisers, the mission can indeed be accomplished! Here are nine successful fundraising ideas to help get you started on reaching your goals:


    1. Battle of the Bands
      What better way to showcase the school’s music programs and the students’ talents than to host an epic “Battle of the Bands” night? Concert-goers can purchase tickets, concessions and maybe even fan merch designed by the school’s art students for this unforgettable fundraising event.

    2. Empty Bowls
      With this fulfilling event, art students make pottery bowls that are displayed and then auctioned off or available for purchase. Attendees buy tickets to enjoy a nourishing meal featuring a variety of delicious soups, breadsticks and salad, and can take home their prized pottery at the end of the night.

    3. Game Night
      Game on! At this fun event, students and their families are invited for a fun night at the school where they can play their favorite games. Sell tickets for entry, snacks for concessions and raffle tickets for prizes to make for a winning fundraiser.

    4. Parents’ Night Out
      Parents get a much-needed and well-deserved night out while teachers and school staff take care of the kids. For a set price, kids can have a blast playing games, watching movies and hanging out at the school – don’t forget the pizza and snacks!

    5. Pancake Breakfast
      Change up your breakfast routine this weekend and host a pancake breakfast at the school! This is a fun way to invite not only school families, but the community as well, to enjoy a tasty breakfast served up by teachers, staff and parent volunteers.

    6. Golf/Mini-Golf Tournament
      Fore! Host a golf tournament where local businesses sponsor a hole, snacks, beverages or a meal, and participants pay to play. Raffle or 50/50 tickets can also be sold for additional fundraising potential. For a twist on the theme, a mini-golf tournament can be another option that can include kids too.

    7. Flavors of the World Food Fest
      This is a delicious way for students to share a glimpse into their family heritage. Tickets can be sold for the food festival where hungry diners can sample tasty portions of dishes that represent where students and their families are from.

  • Holiday Cookie Walk
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And what better way to celebrate the holidays than to host a cookie walk where families and the community are invited to enjoy a festive atmosphere and purchase an assortment of their favorite cookies, baked with love by students, teachers and staff.

  1. School Store
    A school store can is a tried-and-true way to raise money for schools. Students can purchase essentials such as pens, pencils, erasers and the like, but it can also be open during events held at the school for attendees to purchase spirit wear and gear like hoodies, tumblers and bags featuring the school name, mascot or logo.


Discover Ideas for Your Successful School Fundraiser

As you explore all your options for fundraising, these ideas may help fuel your fundraiser planning sessions. Consider what makes sense for your community, your student and family make-up, seasonal or regional factors and other aspects that may influence your efforts. With the right collaboration, teamwork and commitment, you’ll soon be on your way to your next successful school fundraiser!


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