data breaches

Data Loss: A Global Certainty

Data breaches are common occurrences that happen around the world. Millions of global data records were compromised in 2022 alone. Currently, the U.S. has the most amount of data records lost or stolen, accounting for more than 60% of all global data losses. Within the U.S., Oregon and California have experienced the most data losses with Oregon having lost 1.4 billion records and California having lost 5.6 billion records. 

Human error, malware, and unpredictable events are the top culprits of data losses in the U.S. Businesses within specific industries are also significantly affected by data breaches. Financial services and healthcare are hit the most with hackers targeting several businesses within the public administration and transportation industries as well. 

Data losses have occurred throughout history, with the largest incidents having occurred thousands of years ago. For example, 500,000 scrolls from the Library of Alexandria have been lost during the civil war caused by Caesar. Experts estimate that the incident caused more than 571 GB of data to be destroyed. 

Millions of data breaches occur throughout the world every year, and although it’s a global and historical certainty, you can still be proactive with protecting your data by using an airtight data loss prevention solution. 

The World's Largest Data Breaches