Are You Too Reliant On Your Prescription? The Signs You May Be Addicted

We all have interesting relationships with our prescribed medication. Some of us hate taking pills, others perhaps have an overreliance, popping a painkiller at the first sign of pain. They are, of course, a necessity to make us feel better though.

However, prescription drug addiction is a very real problem and many of us don’t even realize that we have it. There is a fentanyl crisis going on in the USA, while the likes of opioids and codeine addiction are also on the rise. 

It’s important to recognize if we have a problem with prescription drug addiction, as it will be doing more harm than good. But what are the telltale signs that we could indeed have a problem?

You’ve built up a higher tolerance

A big sign that you are perhaps abusing prescription medication and not quite using it for the right reasons is a build-up of tolerance. You’ll find many alcoholics have a much higher tolerance for booze, and it’s the same with alcohol addiction.

Your body becomes accustomed to the effect of the medication, which means you have to up your dosage to feel the effects of it. This can be incredibly dangerous and it’s important that if this is occurring, you get in touch with your GP who can advise you from there.

You’re using it compulsively 

If you are taking your medication more frequently or in larger doses than you’ve been prescribed, then there is almost certainly something not right. Cravings can lead to increased dosages, as well as becoming more prominent in your mind.

If you are regularly thinking about your next intake of your prescription, again this is the point where you need to consult with the doctor that is prescribing you.

Being secretive about your prescription or even ordering more

If you are not being honest with your prescription, whether it be to loved ones or your doctor, then you do have a problem. What many addicts find themselves doing is hiding stashes around the house and even ordering more pills or trying to obtain multiple prescriptions.

The dangers around this are huge. Not only is it a sign of your addiction, but lying to your partner, family or friends can cause major trust issues that can be difficult to come back from.

You are becoming more isolated and unreliable

Addicts in all forms will become more insular and withdrawn. That’s because the addiction has removed all priorities away from anything but quelling your cravings. It can have an effect on work, social lives, relationships and even day-to-day chores like washing the pots or vacuuming. 

Again, this is another way addiction can really cause relationship problems, and only deepen the addiction crisis unless help is sought.

You can’t stop taking your prescription

Finally, the simple question is, if you tried to stop taking your pills, for example, could you stop?

If the answer is no, then you undoubtedly have a problem. What you may also find is that if you do try to give up you may encounter withdrawal symptoms. These can vary dependent on the drugs, but if you do start to get them, it may well be better to go down a more professional route to detox.