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Transfer Students are Positions for College Success

60 X 30: That’s Kentucky’s educational attainment goal to have 60% of their population with a postsecondary credential or degree by 2030. 


Of the 30,000 students who were on a pathway in 2020-21, 77% (23,100) would not have transferred by 2026-27 and of the 6,900 to transfer, only 3,800 complete a bachelor’s degree. That number is far too few but transferring can help the students in multiple ways – lesser costs and more lifetime earnings. 


Completing an associate degree before transferring also ensures a higher completion rate of the bachelor’s degree. The state of Kentucky aims to connect the path between a community college and university with the success of the transfer students. Thus, Kentucky has seen a 2% increase in transfers in 2020-21 while it’s gone down by 8% nationally. 


Transfer Pathways is an effective solution because one in three students change their majors at least once. So, is Transfer Advising as more than half of transfer-aspiring students haven’t used it. Last solution is transfer credit. In Kentucky, 70% of credits earned at a community college are accepted by the receiving university.

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative