Simple Tips For A Verdantly Green Lawn Whatever The Season

Have you ever looked enviously at your neighbour’s lawn and wondered how they’ve managed to keep it looking so lush and green, all year round? Maybe they’ve hired a lawn mowing service to help them, or perhaps the fairies at the bottom of the garden have had a role to play?

Fortunately, while hiring a company to mow your lawn on a regular basis is a great way to achieve the ultimate in lawn majesty, if you want to tackle your lawn yourself, good lawn health doesn’t have to involve any make believe (apologies for those who believe in fairies!). 

Whether you’re an amateur gardener, or simply someone who has been prone to neglecting their lawn and now wants to restore it to its former glory, the following tips can help your lawn become verdantly green, whatever the time of year:

Fertilise your lawn, all year round

Whether you buy yours from a gardening centre, or make your own, fertilisers and compost are a fantastic way to make your lawn fuller, and more attractive. Fertilise your lawn regularly, and do so even in the autumn, regardless of whether you’re no longer mowing it. By doing so, you can help the grass bulk up and get your lawn through the winter.

Try to improve the way you mow

Changing the way you mow your lawn can work wonders, and if you always use the same pattern when doing so, there’s a strong chance that you’re simply crushing and depleting the same sections of grass with the wheels of your mower each time. 

You should also regularly check the blade of your lawn mower to ensure that it’s still able to cut cleanly through the grass, instead of tearing at it and causing it to go brown. 

Additionally, you can try altering the height at which you cut the grass, and take less off of the top than you usually would. Cut grass too short and it can quickly become stressed, as with any plant, while trimming the ends can help keep it healthier, happier, and ultimately, greener. 

If you’re unsure whether your mowing techniques are doing more harm to your grass than good, you can always consult with a local gardening service, and hire them at least once, to show you how it should be done. 

Keep your lawn hydrated

While British lawns often get more than enough water to keep them lush and green throughout the colder months, they can quickly dry out during the spring and summer, and will likely benefit from some extra watering. Water your lawn first thing in the morning, or later on in the afternoon, to prevent the water from simply evaporating before it has a chance to reach the roots; this can cause the grass to burn. 

If possible, try saving rainwater in barrels or other containers in case there is a water shortage and/or a hosepipe ban during the warmer months. 

For more tips and support to keep your lawn looking verdant whatever the season, get in contact with a local gardening company, who will likely be more than happy to impart their wisdom as members of the green-fingered community.