Print marketing: Why it’s still relevant and how to make it work

It can be challenging to know exactly where to focus your marketing efforts in the ever-changing digital landscape, and print media has unfortunately come to be seen as a waste of time, money, and effort—not to mention deadly in the water. Specialists are emerging left, right, and center to promote a variety of services in the digital space.

According to statistics, customers engage with print ads 37% more frequently than they do with digital marketing, and while it might be challenging to measure these campaigns when done correctly, they can be very effective.

Here are some pointers for print marketing:

The internet is filled with instructions and advice on how to create the “ideal print marketing campaign,” but it doesn’t mean those are the only guidelines for producing anything in this field.


Direct mail marketing today can be pricey. You can easily look at it and be easily put off once you’ve calculated the costs for design, print, mail house fees, and internal resources, but don’t be that person. Be sure to clearly define your target audience before taking any action. Could you send a smaller batch to select potential customers rather than a general campaign to everyone and their dog? Is there a specific source that your audience reads or interacts with that you could work with strategically instead?


Your messaging is crucial regardless of whether you’re producing a massive billboard campaign or an A5 pamphlet. You want a clear call to action that is memorable, easy to follow and associated with your brand. You also want a clear title and one or two images that are relevant to your product or service. A really long website link shouldn’t be displayed on a billboard because nobody will have time to read it, let alone remember it.


Make sure your actions are consistent in style. Different colors can be used to distinguish between various products or categories, but the overall look must be uniform. If you are constantly altering your image, how do you expect people to locate you in a market when there are 100 distinct products similar to yours? By the way, if you are in Jacksonville Florida, and want to create custom screen printed t-shirts, visit Prints R Us website!

Avoid taking on too much at once.

Yes, it’s wonderful to have your message out there, but how can you determine if you’ve been successful if your message is the same everywhere? While your advertisement is running, don’t be afraid to temporarily put other tasks on hold. Just be sure to keep track of the many metrics you take before, during, and after your campaign to determine ROI and success.

It is ultimately up to you to decide whether to enter or continue operating in this field, but keep in mind that being unique isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many things become hazy in society when we are being sold to left, right, and center on every type of digital device. Print advertising is unique. It can be quite creative, it is concrete and obvious, and it easily ends up paying for itself.