4 Popular STEM Degrees to Pursue

Approximately 437,302 fresh graduates in STEM appeared in 2020-2021. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) degrees are incredibly lucrative, albeit challenging, making them among the most popular degree options. A career in STEM allows you to obtain high-salary jobs and increases innovative thinking, creativity, curiosity, and communication. In America, hundreds of universities like the American International College offer well-designed STEM programs, allowing students to show their full potential.  Let’s explore four popular STEM degrees: 

1. Computer Science 

A computer science degree includes courses ranging topics from programming, algorithms, data structures, and software development to computer systems. It enables one to pursue career paths like: 

  •  Software development 
  • Data science
  •  Web development 
  • System analysis
  • Cybersecurity

Expertise in computer science is, more or less. required in every field, making it a high-demand profession with hefty starting salaries. And with the rise in demand for technology, you can always launch your IT startup to facilitate other businesses

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, computer science careers have the highest growth rate. You can land a high-paying IT-related job by the time you graduate. In 2020, there were 2.06 million computer science graduates in the U.S., and their approximate starting salary was estimated at $71,500

2. Engineering 

Engineering is a vast discipline, branching in almost every field of study. Popular engineering degrees include electrical, civil, mechanical, chemical, aerospace, environmental, and biomedical engineering. While each of these degrees focuses on a different field, the primary goal is to design and build structures to facilitate that field. 

Engineering is known for its high-paying careers. These salaries are dependent on your respective engineering degree, but the approximate salary for an entry-level engineer is between $62,000 and $117,000 per year. Petroleum engineers get the highest salaries, while environmental engineers get the lowest pay, although that’s expected to change.  

Engineering is constantly advancing since there is a continuous demand for more efficient technology. With AI, robotics, and renewable energy advancements, engineers have even more tools to innovate high-performance machinery. 

3. Healthcare

Healthcare programs have always been popular, and recent events like the COVID-19 pandemic have proved their importance and requirements in the modern world. Multiple healthcare programs include doctoral, nursing, public health, physiotherapy, and pharmaceutical programs.

Within the healthcare system, surgeons receive the highest salaries with an approximate income of $297,800. Registered nurses make approximately $81,220 and Master of Public Health graduates have an average income of $71,000

Working in healthcare is highly rewarding since you will have a direct role in improving the lives of multiple people. However, these professions come with a great responsibility. Recently we have seen a rise in medical malpractice claims against medical professionals. Surgeons are impacted most by such lawsuits. According to the American Medical Association, 59.3% of general surgeons face some kind of legal action within their careers. 

4. Environmental Sciences

With the world facing the adverse effects of climate change, environmental science has become a popular degree to pursue. It focuses on the natural environment, its process, and the impact of human activity on it. Some key aspects of environmental science are: 

  • Ecology and ecosystems
  • Pollution and remediation 
  • Climate change
  • Natural resource management 
  • Conservation biology 

After completing your degree in environmental science, you can pursue an occupation as an environmental consultant, ecologist, environmental policy analyst, and research scientist. In May 2022, environmental scientists had an approximate salary of $76,480, with an expected growth rate of over 6% till 2032. 

American society is becoming more environmentally conscious, especially in sustainability and environmental conservation. This change creates a significant job market for environmental scientists in the public and private sectors. 


STEM careers play a crucial role in modern society. Fields like computer science and engineering are responsible for building and running machines and technologies, which make tasks faster and easier to fulfill. Other professions, such as healthcare, also play a crucial part in improving the lives of people. Similarly, environmental science provides solutions to some of the most significant ecological changes the world is currently facing. By pursuing a STEM degree, you can play a pivotal role in the modern world while occupying an in-demand job.