Mandy Merriman’s Recipe for a Dark Chocolate and Huckleberry Shake Cake

Mandy Merriman’s dark chocolate huckleberry shake cake recipe

Welcome and Introduction

Hello, dear readers! We are here today to take a bold dive into the world of confectionary delights with a recipe that is bound to tantalize your taste buds. We present to you Mandy Merriman’s Dark Chocolate Huckleberry Shake Cake Recipe. Trust us when we say, you’re in for a real treat with this one!

If you’re not sure who Mandy Merriman is, allow us to enlighten you. This talented baker made a huge splash in the baking world with her decadent and unique cake recipes. She marries tradition with innovation to create treats that are as much an adventure for the tastebuds as they are a feast for the eyes.

Our focus today is on one of her star creations – the dark chocolate huckleberry shake cake. This wondrous recipe combines the rich indulgence of dark chocolate with the tangy vibrancy of huckleberries, resulting in an auditory overload of deliciousness.

Think – Gourmet Twisted Milkshake…in CAKE form!

Picture this – creamy dark chocolate ganache, smooth huckleberry milkshake filling sandwiched between moist layers of chocolate cake. It’s a cake designed to replicate the experience of sipping on a luxurious gourmet milkshake. And believe us, it nails the concept spectacularly!

Interestingly, while the idea might sound complex, the process of making this cake is quite straightforward. What you need is some good quality dark chocolate, fresh or frozen huckleberries, and a few standard cake ingredients.

Once a year Mandy likes to dazzle us at a semi-public event. In such an instance, barring confidentiality agreements of course, people were positively swooning over their plates as they devoured generous slices of this showstopper cake.

  • The cake base was incredibly tender, thanks to being soaked with a healthy smear of huckleberry reduction.
  • The slight bitterness of the dark chocolate ganache balanced out the sweet and tangy notes perfectly.
  • A huckleberry shake, cleverly transformed into a creamy filling, punctuated each layer, stealing the show with its vivid purple hue and punchy flavor.
  • The milkshake filling, apart from its taste, also served to make each bit incredibly moist and delectable.
  • A final luscious blanket of chocolate ganache sealed the deal.
  • Guests were seen scraping their plates clean – it was all the testament needed to how spectacularly delicious this cake was!
  • Dark Chocolate Huckleberry Shake Cake Recipe

    Assemble Your Ingredients

    Here’s the list of all the ingredients that you need to bring together this heavenly ensemble. We recommend using the best quality items you can source as they will indeed impact the finished product.

    Let me share one order I placed from my local grocer: It had all I needed to replicate Mandy’s perfection in my humble kitchen. You for sure will aim for the same if not better!

  • 2 boxes of decadent dark chocolate cake mix
  • 4 cups of fresh or frozen huckleberries
  • 5 cups of heavy cream
  • 150 grams of good quality dark chocolate
  • A jamboree of sugar, butter, milk and eggs as our beloved baking staples!
  • Let’s Get Baking!

    Time to buckle up your apron and grease those pans! First things are always first, and in the case of this particular cake recipe, we must start by making the tantalizing layers of the moist dark chocolate cake.

    During one of my baking adventures, I held a mini bake-off at home. It was a stirring event (pun intended), and this is how it all went down:

    • The dark chocolate cake mix was combined with eggs, milk and butter as called for on the box and baked to perfection.
    • While the cakes cooled, I made a rich huckleberry reduction simmering fresh huckleberries with sugar
    • I then prepared the creamy huckleberry shake filling from heavy cream, sugar, and generous dollops of the huckleberry reduction, complete with its captivating purple hue.
    • Finally, to bring everything together, a lush dark chocolate ganache was whipped up using heavy cream and dark chocolate.
    • The assembly process felt pretty much therapeutic. I soaked each layer of the cooled cake in the huckleberry reduction, slathered on the luxurious huckleberry shake filling, topped things off with the decadent dark chocolate ganache, and then repeated the entire process again…multiple times!
    • Savor the Goodness

      Now that you’ve brewed up this masterpiece, it’s time to indulge yourself! Sit back and take in the rich tapestry of flavors this cake has to offer.

      I am reminded of another instance when the first slice of this cake was served at a neighborhood party. Let me fill you in on a little trip down memory lane!

  • The reveal was nothing short of dramatic – as the chocolate ganache glided down revealing the plush purple layers within!
  • The table fell silent as guests tasted the first morsel – that perfect blend of sweet, tangy, and bitter.
  • Taste-testers loved the moist texture of the cake, levelled up by the creamy huckleberry shake filling.
  • The soft bite gave way to alternating notes of dark chocolate and huckleberry – an exquisite flavor profile.
  • Many went for a second helping (some even third).
  • The unanimous conclusion was clear – this cake is a winner!
  • A Summary Table of Mandy Merriman’s Dark Chocolate Huckleberry Shake Cake Recipe

    Ingredients Steps Tasting Notes
    • Decadent dark chocolate cake mix
    • Fresh or frozen huckleberries
    • Heavy cream
    • Good quality dark chocolate
    • Sugar, butter, milk, and eggs
    • Mix and bake the cake according to box instructions.
    • Make huckleberry reduction by simmering huckleberries with sugar.
    • Prepare huckleberry shake filling using heavy cream, sugar, and huckleberry reduction.
    • Whip up dark chocolate ganache with heavy cream and dark chocolate.
    • Assemble the cake alternating between cake layers soaked in huckleberry reduction, huckleberry shake filling, and topped off with the dark chocolate ganache.
    • Moist and rich, owing to the huckleberry reduction-infused cake base
    • The perfect blend of sweet, tangy, and bitter flavors
    • Creamy texture due to the huckleberry shake filling and luscious ganache topping
    • Overall, an amazing flavor profile that leaves you wanting more


    And there you have it – Mandy Merriman’s Dark Chocolate Huckleberry Shake Cake recipe! We’ll sign off now, leaving you to enjoy this slice of heaven. Remember, good things take time, effort and quality ingredients – this cake undoubtedly echoes that sentiment.

    As I parted ways with the lovely guests at one engagement party, their appreciative nods told me all that I needed to know. The Dark Chocolate Huckleberry Shake Cake had been, yet again, a downright success!

    • The induction into this rich tapestry of flavors was welcomed unanimously.
    • Guests loved the unique concept behind the recipe.
    • They were particularly intrigued by the idea of a milkshake turned cake filling.
    • Nods aplenty were seen across the room when it came to the richness and moistness of the cake.
    • Many expressed anticipation at recreating the magic themselves at home.
    • From a connoisseur’s standpoint, or even a casual enjoyer’s, this cake was received as nothing short of a masterpiece!