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Life Hack: Cut Caffeine and Increase Focus

Improving cognitive performance can lead to amazing benefits in one’s personal and professional life. In a modern world full of digital and workplace distractions, it becomes even more pressing for people to improve their focus. Caffeine has become a very popular crutch for many people around the world, including the UK, Japan, USA, and Spain. The average person consumes almost 100 liters of caffeinated drinks per year. Unfortunately, caffeine is not the greatest choice- negative consequences include increased sugar intake, long-term adverse health effects, and altered sleep schedules. It also isn’t proven to truly improve focus; it is mostly helpful for increasing energy throughout the day. Let’s learn some helpful ways to increase focus below.

If increasing focus is a concern, natural remedies are a fantastic route to take. Behavior changes and mindfulness can have a huge impact on productivity, such as utilizing more blue light to reset circadian rhythms and managing clutter in a work space. Natural substances such as herbs, vitamins, and amino acids found in many foods and beverages can also lead to improved cognitive performance. WakeUp! is a champion of the natural remedial route and incorporates a patented formula that achieves sharper focus without the drawbacks of caffeine. In fact, with substantial use over a prolonged period of time, users can experience long-term improvement to their brain function.

How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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