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How ZenTek Will Support Your Business Using Revit

Computerized design software has made an indelible mark on the architecture, engineering, and construction industries since the 1980s. This technology has undergone many beneficial changes since its introduction.


Keeping up with the changes in the CAD/CAM design sector can seem like a full-time job. ZenTek Consultants can help you implement useful programs like Autodesk’s Revit, adding a new dimension to your construction planning. This blog will explain Revit’s function and how it can help your firm improve efficiency and communication.

About Revit

Revit is a BIM (Building Information Modeling) program by Autodesk that helps professionals like architects, engineers, and construction firms plan and manage their projects.


The program helps users create 3-D models of their projects in fine detail, allowing them to see how the final product will function in the real world. Designers can view their projects in many ways, allowing them to combine architectural information with services like plumbing and electrical conduits.

Top Features of Revit


Revit automates many features that otherwise take many hours to complete.


The software enables your company to coordinate efforts between different working groups.


Revit makes it easy to share relevant information with contractors and related parties.

Energy Planning

Revit allows electrical engineers and electricians to share their plans and use accurate information.


Using Revit, companies can produce detailed schedules that keep workers on task and budget.


Revit makes detailed 3-D presentations possible, impressing clients.

How is Revit Different from AutoCAD?

Revit and AutoCAD are both made by Autodesk. Professionals often use them simultaneously, but they have different strengths.


AutoCAD creates 2-D and 3-D drawings, while Revit goes further and creates detailed 3-D models with relevant real-world data. For example, AutoCAD drawings may feature a window of a certain size, but Revit can include its specifications and pricing. This enriched information helps professionals with cost planning and sourcing materials.

How Revit Helps Your Business

Revit is a popular BIM software solution because it combines diverse information sources into one enriched model. The software can help your business by doing the following:

  • Enhancing team collaboration
  • Improving turnaround time
  • Improving project cost-efficiency by enabling easy price comparisons
  • Enabling designers to take 3-D walkthrough tours of finished projects
  • Useful for both client presentations and construction documentation

Our online Revit courses are designed specifically for Engineers, Architects, and Construction professionals looking for a solid understanding of accurate design with the software. The software can be completed from your home office to save time. Course materials are presented in a short, easy-learning style that can help you understand and use the software in a practical manner. We offer several courses including Revit Exploring the Essentials, Revit for Architecture, Revit Electrical Essentials, Revit Mechanical and Plumbing Essentials, and Revit Structure Simplified.

ZenTek Consultants offer many different options to help improve your construction efforts. At ZenTek, you can look forward to online training, software services, and other great platforms that will help you take advantage of the best and latest technologies built for the construction industry.