mandela effect

A Memory Phenomenon: The Mandela Effect

While it is quite common for a person to misremember a fact or confuse details of a specific memory, did you know that there are times where many people all misremember the same information? There have been multiple examples where many people all share a memory or a belief that later is proven to be false, and it is actually more common than you may think.


When many people misremember the same information it is known as the Mandela Effect. This is a psychological phenomena that was coined in 2009 referring to the example of many people believing Nelson Mandela passed away in 1980 even though he lived for years after. There are other very common instances of the Mandela Effect that you may have even experienced in your own life. 


One of the most common Mandela Effects is that many people believe that the Monopoly Man has a monogram. While so many people are certain that this is true, this character has never been illustrated with a monocle. Many people also believe the popular brand of peanut butter is ‘Jiffy’ even though the brand has always been ‘Jif. 


These are just some examples of the Mandela Effect, but there are numerous instances of the phenomena. To learn more about this interesting aspect of human memory as well as how to avoid it in your own life, take a look at the infographic below:

Mandela Effect
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