How To Ensure Your Car Passes MOT Test?

Are you aware that a whopping 40%* of automobiles do not pass their MOT examination on the initial attempt? Furthermore, almost 50% of all defects detected during the examination are preventable! Prior to going to the MOT test center, conduct some basic inspections and upkeep to save time and money, and help your automobile pass on the first go. Use Carpilot to run an online MOT history check using the vehicle’s registration number.

Check for the lights

As per the DVSA, approximately 30%* of all MOT issues pertain to the lighting system of your automobile. Luckily, inspecting your lights is among the most effortless examinations that you can carry out at your residence. Just switch on your headlamps, fog lamps, turn signals, and emergency flashers and verify that they are all operational. To examine your brake lights, request someone to stand behind your vehicle while you press the brake pedal to ensure that they illuminate as required. In case you have a faulty bulb, you can purchase a new one and install it yourself by following the instructions in your car manual. 

Tyre Tread Path

An inadequate depth of tire tread can also lead to a failed MOT test. It is recommended that you routinely inspect your tread depth at home, as tires with insufficient tread have reduced traction and may jeopardize your safety. Additionally, it is crucial to note that any tire with a tread depth below 1.6mm is considered unlawful. 

Tyre condition

It is advisable to inspect the sidewall of your tyre for any harm such as fissures, incisions, protuberances and swellings since these circumstances may lead to a negative outcome during an MOT test. In case you do come across any such impairment, it is recommended to promptly seek the assistance of a tyre expert as these factors can considerably diminish the security of your tyres.


When operating a vehicle, it is crucial to maintain an unobstructed perspective of the pathway ahead. Any obstruction could potentially result in a failed MOT examination. If there is any impairment to the windshield in the area swept by the wipers that is greater than 10mm and directly in front of the driver, it will necessitate a replacement of the windshield. 


In case you have observed that your braking system is not functioning efficiently, it emits unusual sounds or your automobile deviates to one side while braking, it is advisable to have them examined without delay. Aside from presenting a grave hazard to yourself and fellow drivers, impaired or malfunctioning brakes will result in an immediate MOT failure. It is also prudent to verify your brake fluid levels and replenish it if it has fallen below the prescribed indicators. 


The mirrors installed on your automobile also play a significant role in enhancing the driver’s visibility, therefore, it is crucial that you verify whether your side mirrors and rearview mirror provide an unobstructed and distinct view. Prior to the MOT test, ensure that your mirrors are not cracked or harmed and if they are, make arrangements to have them fixed. Additionally, it is recommended that you cleanse them thoroughly so that the MOT examiner can ascertain that your vision is not hindered in any way. 

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