recruiting Gen Z

The Gen Z Challenge: Bridging the Gap in Recruitment and Retention for the Future Workforce

In the era of job hopping with Gen Z showcasing an 80% increase in job transitions, it is crucial to truly understand this generation. Especially since they are set to compose 30% of the workforce by 2030, which is up from 27% in 2025. 


But engaging with and maintaining Gen Z employees is difficult. Organizations find it hard to integrate Gen Z workers with their existing employee base with 74% of hiring managers saying Gen Z is the most difficult generation to deal with. There are three major factors fueling the Gen Z hiring gap: Changing workplaces in a post-COVID world, Unnecessary friction in the workplace, and misaligned career expectations between employees and employers. 


It takes companies an average of 42 days to complete the recruitment process, and the total cost to replace an early-career renege is $22,000 per employee. Time and money are of the essence as companies race to recruit and retain. 


Abode allows you to engage and retain early-career talent. The way they want. By understanding how to recruit and retain Gen Z, we deepen our understanding of the forces shaping the future of work. A few steps that could be undertaken include establishing clear expectations, fostering genuine transparency, offering workplace respect, nurturing meaningful connections, and focusing on intentional communications. 


What You Need To Recruit And Retain Gen Z
Source: Abode HR