Fitting cleaning into your schedule

Fitting cleaning into your schedule

When it comes to cleaning, there are always ways in which to make things easier. It is the same with everything. People tend to get stuck into a series of habits surrounding a certain aspect of the housework, and these habits can become what they do every time they come to do such tasks, whether it is the best way in which to get them done or not! You will find that by reassessing how you clean, there are likely ways in which you can improve your process; they may not be affordable or doable at the moment, but if you know how things could be done more cheaply, more easily, and faster, then you can work towards those goals. The main issue that people tend to have however seems to be that the cleaning takes time. This is why people hire professional cleaners despite being perfectly capable of cleaning themselves. Let’s face it, cleaning is not that difficult. 

You know it, but it does not stop it from being a pain, nor does it make it any quicker. the levels of avoidance that people go to when it comes to cleaning are surprisingly severe, given how little difficulty or skill the cleaning requires. So, how can you make the cleaning less of a burden without paying more than you can afford for a professional cleaner? Simply work it into your schedule!

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That’s right; making the cleaning part of your day-to-day will ensure that it gets done consistently and effectively. You will be able to make it a regular thing that happens at a set time each week so that the whole house is cleaned. Hold on though, this does not sound like less work, does it? This sounds like a lot more work! Well, regular cleaning means that the amount of dirt that builds up between cleans is a lot less. The thing that tends to take time will be the amount of dirt that you have to get rid of. If you only have to get rid of a light layer of dust, then there will be a lot less time taken. Hence, cleaning regularly, jobs takes a lot less time, and you can fit them into your normal day. 

Think about the times in the morning and the evening when you are not really up to that much. There is perhaps a point in the morning when you are waiting for the kettle to boil or checking your emails. In these times, you could be wiped down a couple of surfaces; it only takes two minutes, but if it happened at the same time every Thursday before you leave to work, then that is one contribution to the house that will add to the rest of the tasks. When you get in, hoover your living room before you sit down to watch TV on Fridays, and perhaps dust your bedroom and corridor on Mondays after supper. These things will take ten minutes each, as there will be very little dirt to get rid of, and the effectiveness will mean that you are always in a clean house! You must ensure that having worked out this schedule, you stick to it, as otherwise things get neglected and the cleaning becomes a pain again! Of course, you should be flexible with the timetable, as otherwise, it will get in the way, and you want to be able to carry on with your life in a normal manner!

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