Customize Your Dodge Ram 1500 at AutoZone With Running Boards to ABS Control Modules

Customize Your Dodge Ram 1500 at AutoZone With Running Boards to ABS Control Modules

The Ram 1500 is a popular truck that can go from a capable workhorse to a comfortable family vehicle. With a few accessories and add-ons, you can completely customize your truck. Before you get started, consider how the following items can upgrade your Ram 1500 driving experience. 

Bumpers for Dodge Ram 1500

Your bumper is among the first things people see when they look at your truck. It is also a component that can take a lot of abuse. From rocks, parking lot dings, and too-close parking jobs, bumpers often look worse for wear. Luckily, this is an easy fix. A new Ram 1500 bumper can transform your truck’s look. Plus, you can really make a statement with a new style or color-matched bumper. 

While installing a new bumper may seem like a major project, it is one that many truck owners can take on themselves. If you are reasonably handy and know your way around your Ram, you can get the job done with a few basic tools. 

ABS Modules Available at AutoZone

Before you get too far into customizations, take care of a few critical systems like the brakes. After all, you don’t want trouble with your brakes. A problem stopping can be especially dangerous if you have upgraded your truck for towing. 

 A common issue with some Rams is a failed ABS module. This can cause the pedal to have a spongy feel in some trucks, but the most likely symptom is a warning light on the dash. If your ABS light comes on, take your truck to a local auto parts store for a diagnostic can. The scanner can tell you if a new Ram 1500 ABS module is likely to fix the problem. 

Towing and Off-Road Accessories

The Ram is a capable truck when it comes to off-road adventure and towing. Some models can handle as much as 12,750 pounds when properly equipped. That’s a lot of boat, camper, or equipment you can pull behind your truck. Be sure you are ready to handle with the right class of trailer hitch and trailer plug. 

For off-roading, consider accessories like a light bar, cargo management system, and bedliner. You might also want to look into some conveniences, such as all-weather floor mats and seat covers to keep your interior looking great. 

Dodge Ram Running Boards

Running boards are a great add-on for full-size trucks like the Ram. They make getting in and out easier for most people, plus they also give the truck a nice clean look. Chrome and black are among the most popular finishes for these accessories, making it simple to find a set that matches your truck’s exterior. 

No matter what color, size, or style of Dodge Ram 1500 running boards you choose, look for a set with slip-resistant steps at each door. This improves safety and helps you and your passengers avoid slips. You also want to be sure they are properly installed for safety. 

the right accessories can help you customize your Ram 1500 to fit your lifestyle and personality. Shop at an online auto parts store to find the right parts for your truck from the comfort of your home.