Co-founder of AiSport Anna Stepura about Revolutionizing Fitness with AI

Written By Horace Arnold, San Francisco, September 2023

With an impressive career spanning over two decades in the sports industry, Anna Stepura, former Chief Marketing Officer of The Ukrainian Golf Federation, and a gymnastics background, is making headlines once again, this time as the co-founder of AiSport. Armed with a vision to save individuals from injuries during workouts, Anna and her partner Dariia Hordiiuk embarked on a mission to transform the fitness industry through the power of AI (artificial intelligence).

Addressing the Gap in Fitness Training

As an avid fitness enthusiast, Anna was well aware of the struggles many individuals face during workouts. One of the most significant challenges they identified was the lack of personalized guidance and feedback on exercise techniques, often resulting in suboptimal results and even injuries.

“At AiSport, we are committed to empowering athletes, sports and fitness enthusiasts with cutting-edge AI technology. Our goal is to provide personalized guidance and feedback on exercise technique, helping individuals achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively,” says Anna Stepura.

The Power of Real-Time Data and Motion Tracking

AiSport’s real-time motion tracking technology is at the core of what makes their product unique. It enables users to receive instant, precise feedback on their exercise technique. This real-time analysis is a game-changer, helping individuals correct their form on the spot, reducing the risk of injuries, and maximizing the effectiveness of each workout. The remarkable aspect is that AiSport’s solution doesn’t require any dedicated hardware, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Making a Meaningful Difference

Reflecting on the startup journey, Anna Stepura expresses her passion for making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

“The best part of our startup experience has been the opportunity to leverage technology to enhance fitness and sports experiences. The sense of purpose, innovation, and positive impact on health and well-being has made the journey incredibly fulfilling and rewarding,” she says.

Anna Stepura and AiSport are poised to disrupt the fitness industry with their innovative AI technology, offering a promising future where individuals can achieve their fitness goals safely and efficiently.

About AiSport

AiSport is a fitness technology startup founded by Anna Stepura and Dariia Hordiiuk, dedicated to empowering athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts with cutting-edge AI technology and Machine Learning.