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Choosing the Best Small Business Printer

Print is not dead. In fact, 29 of 33 laboratory studies found readers learn more from paper than from screens. Printed paper encourages longer attention spans and stronger working memories. So, why is print having issues? Perhaps there is a lack of knowledge in how to choose the best small business printer.


For small businesses, printers are integral parts of their workforce. One study found that 8 in 10 small businesses around the world relied on printers for daily business operations. That’s a lot of printer ink – over $12,000 per gallon, to be exact.


How can small businesses fix this issue? Businesses can make an informed decision  in choosing the best small business printer  for their want and need for their company. Many small businesses purchase small printers and overwork them, causing issues in the future. They are forced to fill in the gaps of these printers with other purchases, causing a lapse in efficiency and timeliness.


What can small businesses do to help combat this? They can consider buying a laser printer instead of an ink printer. For laser printers, ink and toner cost only $0.075 and $0.05, respectively, cutting down on ink prices! Also, laser printer ink doesn’t smudge, dry up, or expire.


Business owners, don’t let a bad printer slow down your business – learn more in the infographic below:


Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought