5 Insights to Build a Successful Healthcare App

The story covers the remarkable growth journey of Ornament, an innovative company from Switzerland, covering, how to find new audiences in USA market and enhance the online product for business growth.

Ornament, the revolutionary blood work or lab tests and storage application has gained global recognition and is available on both the AppStore and Google Store. While it serves users worldwide, the US market is one of the key GEOs for the company. Recently, Ornament faced a significant challenge in developing a new product model for local users. The key question was whether would people like new online healthcare products so the company could succeed in the new market. To address this concern, Ornament sought the expertise of the DUAMENTES with the global research team to provide a customer-centric approach and help Ornament make the right changes to the product, and create experiences that users will love, use constantly, and recommend to others.

People are Sensitive

The app’s primary users were individuals with health conditions or chronic health issues, such as diabetes. But Ornament aimed to expand the user network by targeting new segments, packaging the product specifically for them, and driving purchase behaviour. To achieve this, it was essential to understand the tasks that the product solves for people with health conditions and whether it addresses any needs of healthy users. Besides, the goal was to improve usability metrics and retention rate, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience that would encourage users to continue using the product over time.

The research revealed that discussing health and ailments can be uncomfortable and sensitive for users. So, some questions during onboarding, such as asking about marijuana use, were found to elicit negative reactions. This highlights the need for sensitivity and careful consideration when addressing such topics in the questionnaire.

One significant finding was that many individuals in the “chronically ill” segment expressed fatigue from managing their medications and had concerns about new prescriptions. Ornament recognized the potential to leverage users’ lab tests and data to assist both healthcare providers and patients in making more informed decisions about medication intake and dosages.

Throughout the research, several trends emerged. Users did not heavily criticize the healthcare system, likely due to the robust insurance coverage provided through their employment. Furthermore, it was discovered that the app’s primary function of storing lab analysis was already well-served by existing patient portals in most US clinics. This prompted the experts to explore other areas where Ornament could provide valuable services to underserved users.

How People Make Decisions

The research findings reveal several key insights about people’s behaviour and preferences in relation to healthcare and lab test management as well. Users often prioritize their health after experiencing a significant illness or sudden unexplained pain. They typically rely on patient portals and doctors to handle the storage and feedback of their lab tests, as they are reluctant to share their Social Security Number (SSN) outside of tax services.

Many users have insurance coverage through their workplace and do not feel the need to manually upload their lab tests, as these are automatically sent to patient portals. However, a notable portion of users appreciate the ability to connect with clinics directly. Most people visit the clinic only a few times per year due to the difficulties and costs associated with scheduling appointments. Users generally understand the reasons behind prescribed tests and usually opt for general tests recommended by their primary care physicians.

Half of the users make decisions about adjusting their medication dosage based on test results. Interestingly, the majority of people do not actively track the dynamics of their test results, instead relying on their doctors for guidance. These valuable insights helped Ornament refine the online experience to ensure a more positive and user-friendly journey for the audience.

Changes for Good

Research revealed key points to be changed in online product for users. For example, the system should prioritize identifying negative trends in analysis results and comparing them with the patient’s current medication. This would empower doctors to make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan, ensuring optimal patient care. Furthermore, the inclusion of a diary feature would enable patients to share their states and feelings with their doctors, offering valuable insights into their condition and aiding in personalized treatment. By implementing these proposed changes, Ornament aims to enhance the overall patient experience, facilitate more informed decisions, and contribute to better health outcomes.

Besides, tracking tools to effectively assess the necessity of additional medications can be developed to provide insights into the dynamics of analysis results, as well as factors like food, water, and habit intake. By supporting patients in maintaining healthy lifestyles, these proposed improvements aimed to empower both patients and doctors in their collaborative efforts to achieve better health outcomes.

The findings of the study have given the company a reason to consider the users’ perspective from different angles. As a result, it will impact future strategies. Ornament’s collaboration with external experts enabled the team to gain a deeper understanding of their users and make informed decisions to propel the company’s growth.

About the research:

The qualitative research was conducted for Ornament Ltd by Global Research and Development company DUAMENTES (UXSSR Ltd., Lynstock Way, Bolton, United Kingdom).

Methodology: TRAP framework, deep structured interviews and usability test with 16 respondents living in the USA, who take medical tests at least twice a year, and users of either iOS or Android.

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