Untapped Business Audiences: Leveraging the Power of Native Language

Untapped Business Audiences: Leveraging the Power of Native Language

If you want to boost your business, which may relate to anything, you must resort to native language marketing. Marketing in the local language holds the key to promoting the brand and widening your market.

According to the market intelligence study group Business Research Insights (BRI), business conglomerates and MNCs worldwide use apps to convey their marketing messages to people speaking different languages. The latest report by BRI says:

The global language learning application market size was US$ 3.147 billion in 2021. This market is expected to reach US$ 16.63 billion in 2031. This means it is growing at a CAGR of 16.38% during the forecast period.

Nothing can connect the message of your product and service more than being conveyed in the local language of the particular geography where you have launched your marketing drive.

Tap Untapped Business Audiences, Use Native Language

Language marketing is key to the success of a business platform. This is now required as market spaces for finished commodities and services quickly become overcrowded. You must carve out new selling zones or markets to combat this.

But the native language of such new markets may differ from the one you have used in your geography. As a result, you have to translate and convey your marketing message in the language spoken and understood by the local people.

You can tap the new audience, so far lying untapped, by adopting the following five means:

  1. Use Native-Language Centric Digital Marketing: This can greatly help you motivate language speakers to source goods and services from your company that belong to another territory, country, or geography.
  2. Promote Brand in Native Language: You can add impetus to your marketing by promoting the brands of your goods and services in the local language. If you look at the marketing strategy of MNCs, they always use the native language of the territory where they have forayed. This marketing plan includes making visual advertisements in the local language.
  3. Make Your Customer Service Enquiries in Local Dialect: Customer service queries must be in the language of the territory you are engaged in. This enables the local people to interact better. As a customer, you can have many queries related to sales, after-sales services, product guarantees, and warranties. They can come to you in large numbers if you use an app to connect with the local people in their language.
  4. Use Local Culture in Projecting Your Company: If you can match perfectly with the local culture in your sales promotion activities carried out in your native language, you can benefit a lot from it. The native people will be greatly attracted to your company’s products and services.
  5. Emotion Building: The native people will be emotionally attached to your products and services if you use the local language to communicate directly. They will wholeheartedly accept your brands. Nothing is like your local staff members interacting in their native language with prospective and existing customers.

Suppose you translate your marketing message into a local language where you plan to foray. In that case, you must include it in your electronic business card to convey to prospective customers that you are coming closer to them or being one of them.

This can add impetus to your sales strategy. Your message reaches your target group in their native language. This can have a profound impact on their psyche.

In a sales strategy, connection with the maximum number of people is essential to thrive in a local market. For this, the lingua franca, or native language, must be used as a psychological tool for marketing.


Mediums of expression and linguistic means of communication are extremely important for business growth in geography to which the business owner does not belong. But the business is fast turning global.

If your local market is getting restricted or shrinking due to market forces or very tough competition posed by rivals, you have to sprawl elsewhere to survive and grow. This emphasizes the importance of using local and native languages in your market promotion campaign. By doing so, you are bonding with the local people in their language, which has massive sentimental and ethnic value for them.