Relationship Kim Anami in a blue dress on the beach

Relationship Coach Kim Anami Details Her Daily Routine

If you’ve ever wondered what a typical day is like for sex coach Kim Anami, buckle up. While many people rise to greet the sun with scrambled eggs, Anami says she kicks off the day with jade eggs. The vaginal weightlifter has perfected the practice of using a jade egg to strengthen her vaginal muscles. She achieves this by attaching a string to the egg, inserting the egg into her vagina and tying the string to objects such as tropical fruits and chandeliers, which she uses her vagina to lift. 

“I do some red light therapy. I will do my jade egg exercises and sexual practices. If I’m on my own, I’ll self-pleasure; if I’m with my partner, we will make love,” Kim Anami says. 

Kim Anami has gained international attention for depicting herself on her Instagram doing vaginal weightlifting in exotic locales from Bali, Indonesia, to Barcelona, Spain. She famously lifted a bowl of the Spanish delicacy paella in front of Catalan architect and designer Antoni Gaudí’s famed Park Güell and posted it on social media. 

Another daily habit Anami says she’s acquired over the years is letting the sun shine on her nether region. Every day when the sun is out between noon and 2 p.m., Anami shares that she’s out catching rays on her genitals. 

“I don’t book appointments around this time. Everything has to happen before 11 [a.m.] and after 2:30 [p.m.]. I am running out to the sun, either to the beach or in my yard, and I am throwing off my clothes — and I’m getting my vagina out there,” she says. 

Kim Anami Adds Cardio and Sex to Her Daily Agenda

In addition to meditation, exercise is a must on Kim Anami’s calendar. 

“I like to do some kind of exercise, so I love boxing and weight training and surfing and swimming and running,” Anami says. “Any one of those or at different times throughout the day. And then I get to work. Most all of my work is really done virtually these days, and it’s around content creation. So I write and I talk a lot about how our sexual energy is the creative source of our work and what we do in our lives.”

Anami explains that the rituals she practices in the morning — which include meditation, making love, and using the jade egg — are all about revving up the energy to become a conduit for flow and inspiration. 

“When I began using the jade egg, I could feel the difference right away and my partners noticed a difference right away,” the sexpert said on her website. “If I hadn’t been using it and started using it again, they immediately felt a difference in my vagina.”

Kim Anami is a prolific writer and the host of the podcast “Orgasmic Enlightenment,” where she talks about subjects often treated as taboo in mainstream media such as cervical orgasms, self-pleasure, Tantra, genital sunning, squirting advice, and other tantalizing topics. 

“I’ll channel that into my work really and feel that I’m revved up and brimming over with creative ideas to put into my work,” Kim Anami added. 

As the leader of various sex education “salons,” where she offers online courses including Vaginal Kung Fu, G-Spot Ecstasy, and Sexual Mastery For Men, Anami says she has a strong desire to share her knowledge about better sex with the world.

Coming up with fresh ways of teaching her sensual tips and tricks is a huge part of the holistic sex coach’s mission. 

Kim Anami: ‘Sexual Energy Is Creative Energy’ 

“I love the creative element. I always say that sexual energy is creative energy,” Kim Anami says. “And as much as I look at myself as a teacher and a healer, which I also love and find very gratifying, I look at myself as an artist and a creator. And so I’m always looking for new and fun, playful, provocative ways to share about sex and intimacy that make it easier for people to open up to these ideas.”

Anami acknowledges that culturally, people aren’t necessarily very open or comfortable with speaking about sex and she says she wants to normalize the narrative. 

“Sometimes, if things are too serious or too straight, or if they were really clinical, that’s not very intriguing for people,” Anami explains. “But when it’s fun and playful and hilarious and sexy, then people are intrigued and it’s an easier way to get them in the door.”

She admits her creative well is replenished with a steady flow of ideas and she enjoys the process of coming up with marketing concepts. “The whole hashtag ‘things I lift with my vagina campaign,’ those are my ideas, they’re my vagina’s ideas,” Anami mentions. “Let’s give credit where credit is due.”

Anami’s #thingsIliftwithmyvagina campaign has landed her on and

“I would say that having a vaginal weightlifting practice gives me and anyone that practices it the best sex of their lives,” Anami said. 

Anami continues to open new dialogues surrounding the practice of jade eggs and how women can use them to elevate their sex lives. She confesses some of her best ideas have come to her after using her jade egg and having sex marathons.

“There’s a deeper level of connection, of intimacy, of pleasure, of rejuvenation, of the building of creative energy that they then take out into the world in their daily lives,” Anami adds.

She likens the quest for better sex to catching a wave while she’s surfing. She says a surfing coach helped her realize commitment and “showing up” for things that are important to her helps her live her best life — and that includes engaging in deeper sexploration.

“Commit. 150% is where the magic is,” Kim Anami said. “Holding back will get you nowhere.”