Oregon State has been ranked 18th in the Coaches Poll for the 2023 season

Oregon State Opens 2023 Ranked 18th In Coaches Poll

A Welcomed Ranking

The Oregon State football program found an exciting reason to celebrate prior to the start of their 2023 season – they’ve been classified as the 18th team in the exciting Coaches Poll! This early acknowledgment provides a great morale boost for the Beavers, who now have proof that their efforts are being recognized on a national scale. For any team, entering the season with a high-ranking can serve as a significant confidence booster and motivation fuel.

Consider the implications that the ranking might have on their opening game – let’s look at their upcoming adversary, the Michigan Wolverines. A team that wasn’t previously aware of Oregon’s threat would certainly be more apprehensive when facing an opponent that placed even before the season has gone underway. The prestige of being ranked tempts their opponents not to underestimate Oregon, setting them up for a greater advantage.

Here’s a little insight to turn back time: the last time Oregon State opened the year as part of the top 25 teams in the Coaches Poll was a previous decade ago. After years of escalating their quality of play, securing this placement is truly a commendation for the team’s resilience and commitment.

To illustrate the point, watch how Oregon State started their 2013 season unranked in the Coaches Poll but launched into an impressive winning streak that was the turning point for the team’s reputation.

  • In week one, they made a tremendous comeback against Washington State.
  • Week two surprised fans and opponents alike when Oregon defeated Utah.
  • Their victory over Stanford in the third week sent shock waves through the NCAA.
  • The following week produced a solid win at home against USC.
  • A hard-fought triumph against Arizona State kept the momentum going midway through the season.
  • Lastly, they closed out the first half of the season with an upset against top-ranked Oregon in the Civil War game.

Impact on the Team

Achieving this early ranking has a number of implications for Oregon State football. First and foremost, it provides the team with an assertion of their strength. This reassurance, along with the confidence it instills, allows them to look ahead at their season with optimism, knowing they have what it takes to compete with the best.

A nod from the Coaches Poll can directly impact recruitment as well for the Beavers. It’s undeniable how appealing a highly ranked program can be for prospective students, who are undoubtedly seeking to be part of a successful team with national exposure. With strong momentum propelling them into the season, Oregon State may be able to leverage this ranking in attracting new talent.

Lastly, think about the fans. The sheer joy and excitement that they experience as they witness their favorite team’s recognition is incomparable. For them, a higher placement would translate into more thrilling home games, increased potential for a successful season, and heightened hopes of seeing Oregon State at postseason play.

One memorable event comes to mind in 2017 when, buoyed by their pre-season ranking, Oregon State ran through a tough schedule and ended up playing in the Rose Bowl.

  • Their season opener was a statement victory over Colorado State.
  • In the second week, they showed toughness in a close win against Minnesota.
  • The following week, the Beavers beat California in an overtime thrilling encounter.
  • A key turning point was a road victory over USC midseason.
  • After that, they ran riot all over Stanford at home.
  • The crowning achievement was a convincing win against seriously hyped Washington in their final home game.

Early Predictions and Projections

ABC sports analysts who released a preseason prediction had Oregon State reaching the nine-win mark this upcoming season. They believe the Beavers boast one of the most balanced offenses in college football that’s capable of challenging even the best defenses.

Another sentiment shared among experts is that the Beavers’ defense has developed tremendously over the years. Aiding the offense by keeping opponents at bay, and winning possession back early, will give Oregon State the platform on which to build their successes.

The excitement and anticipation for the season has reached fever pitch now that the Beavers are placed 18th in the Coaches Poll. It’s not going to be an easy ride, but with determination and consistent performance, it’s safe to say that this could turn out to be a fantastic season for the Beavers.

Think about how in 2012, the Beavers were picked to finish last in their division. Despite all predictions, that team ended up surprising everyone.

  • Their home victory over Wisconsin was the defining moment of the season.
  • Then came a nerve-wracking win against Arizona in triple overtime.
  • The epic road win against UCLA that announced Oregon State as a force to be reckoned with.
  • A gutsy home performance against Washington was another highlight.
  • The thrilling one-point win over Stanford resulted in fans rushing the field.
  • Closing the season with a win over California cemented their status as a strong team in the division.

Summary Table of Key Points

Oregon State Ranking (2023) Impacts Predictions/Projections
Ranked 18th in Preseason Coaches Poll
  • Boosts Team Confidence
  • Ups Recruitment Appeal
  • Sends Fans into Frenzy
  • Experts predict around nine wins for the season
  • Strong offensive and defensive lineup
  • Increase in anticipation and excitement from fans