North Dakota Car Accident Statistics: What You Can Learn

North Dakota Car Accident Statistics: What You Can Learn

America has one of the highest car collision rates in the world, mainly because of the sheer number of private cars the Americans own. Every American state has rules and regulations in place to lower the number of car crashes, and the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s preliminary crash data shows the state is in the 40th-place nationally when it comes to road safety. 

North Dakotans saw 13.81 fatalities per million in 2018, compared to the country’s average of 11.17 deaths per million. The state started the “Vision Zero” program in 2018 with the goal of reducing car crashes, and the total yearly number of collisions has significantly dropped since the program’s beginning, although the death toll has remained relatively the same.

However, the number of non-lethal car crashes far outweighs the number of fatal crashes, and thousands of people get injured from car crashes in North Dakota every year. The statistics also show that human carelessness is the main factor behind most crashes. 

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What North Dakota Car Accident Statistics Teach Us 

The prospect of getting into a vehicle accident is something that worries everyone, and car accidents still happen despite the most recent technical breakthroughs in car designs. The number of car accidents in North Dakota alone shows that road safety hasn’t improved much with the advancement of technology. 

That is because most car accidents happen because of human error and carelessness, and North Dakota car accident data clearly shows that. North Dakota saw 98 fatal car accidents in 2022, which killed a total of 98 people. Let’s take a look at how we can improve road safety and reduce the number of car accidents. 

1. Stopping Reckless Driving 

Road signs, traffic signals, and speed restrictions are all in place to control traffic flow and increase safety, and when a driver disobeys some or all of these, they endanger everyone on the road. In 2019, 259% of fatal vehicle crashes in North Dakota happened because of high speed reckless driving. Failing to halt at a stop sign, running the red light, failing to indicate a turn, going above the speed limit, failing to maintain distance, and using a phone while operating a vehicle are all considered reckless driving, one of the primary causes of car accidents.  

2. Preventing Drunk Driving 

Many people choose to drive their automobiles after having drinks, despite being aware of how dangerous it is to drive while intoxicated. Alcohol use affects a driver’s reflexes by slowing them down and impairing eyesight, coordination, and focus, and this irresponsible decision may result in deadly car crashes, with passengers, pedestrians, and other passing cars among the fatalities as well as the driver. In the year 2019 alone, 42% of fatal crashes in North Dakota were caused by drunk drivers.  

3. Controlling Distracted Driving

Many individuals use their phones, switch radio stations, keep talking over the phone, and even eat while driving their cars, and all these divert their attention from the road and end up causing a car accident. People need to stop these practices and install hands-free devices only in emergencies to reduce the number of distracted driving-related accidents. In North Dakota, there are over 15,000 car accidents annually that result in significant injuries, and even fatalities, and drivers’ irresponsibility caused by distracted driving accounts for approximately 94% of these accidents.  

4. Not Driving in Bad Weather 

Even the most seasoned drivers may find it difficult to navigate slippery, icy roads or drive during heavy rain and snowstorms. People should be made aware that they should avoid driving during blizzards in the winter and tornado outbreaks in the summer to reduce car accidents caused by bad weather. In 2018, speeding or careless driving in bad weather was the major contributing factor behind almost 40% of accident-related deaths in North Dakota. 

All vehicles are prone to losing traction, stability, and maneuverability in such circumstances, and in addition, foggy weather impairs vision, which increases the risk of auto accidents as it makes it difficult for drivers to judge distances and to identify hazards.  


Looking at the car accident statistics of North Dakota, it is easy to conclude the reasons for car accidents are mostly human errors, and they are preventable only if people follow caution while driving. If you are the victim of such a car accident and want to take legal action against the party who is at fault, you need an experienced car accident lawyer. 

Without help from a legal expert, there is a high probability that you may jeopardize your chances of winning the case or settling the case for a large compensation, especially if you have no prior experience in handling court or legal matters.