Worried senior baker in a commercial kitchen

My Work Burnout and CBD Oil Experience – Kitchen Cook in Australia

Work burnout is very real in the service industry which is no secret.

It is well known that the hospitality industry is tough, especially in the kitchen.  I am a Chef de Partie in a respectably busy restaurant in Australia. My work environment and past choices to cope with it resulted in insomnia, acute stress and anxiety. However, taking CBD Oil in Australia saved my love for cooking and most importantly, it gave me the ability to self-reflect and make better health decisions. Furthermore, I know that this is a personal experience, but I am sharing my experience in hopes to help anyone that can relate or is having a relatable predicament. I wouldn’t wish insomnia to my worst enemy.

My experience all started from coping to the demanding nature of my job – the kitchen. Working in the kitchen is not for everyone, however, I have been in this industry pretty much my whole life and I would say I am pretty comfortable with its long unpredictable hours and its physical strains. My troubles started when a member of staff quit and another got in a road accident and was absent for a considerable time, it resulted in me picking up shifts and doing overtime regularly.

In the beginning I was happy thinking about overtime money, nonetheless, before I could realise, I started to pick up bad habits such as chain smoking, replacing meals with energy drinks and drinking more alcoholic drinks after work to appease the stress I was dealing with. It did not take long for my body and mind to feel its effects, I started to become depressed, had difficulty sleeping and just felt a constant fog in my head. It got serious when I started to lose my temper and common sense at my workplace which resulted in HR sending me home for a couple of days from a ‘work burnout’

My leave from work gave me time to think and I decided that I wanted to get better. Since I have an addictive personality, I started to do research on alternative or natural based medication to calm my nerves and give me back my ability to sleep. That’s when I stumbled upon CBD oil on social media while browsing on Instagram. A brief search on the internet led me to a very resourceful page about CBD Oil – CBD Oil Australia. From this webpage I was directed to articles on CBD Oil helping with sleep and was further convinced by a scientific research journal on CBD for anxiety and sleep which it had guided me to.

The results of this research proved that CBD helped decrease anxiety and improved sleep in the majority of its tested patients with anxiety scores decreasing in 79.2% of patients and a further 66.7% of patients improved their sleep scores within the first month.

From there, I was sold and wanted to try it out for myself. Since there are so many available CBD Oil companies out there on the web to pick from, I kept it simple and chose one of 3 recommended CBD Oil brands from the CBD Oil Australia website. I went on to choose Lullaby from (Lullaby Luxury) because honestly, it seemed fair, had great reviews, has lab reports, is organic grown and is already based in Australia – I needed a reliable, safe brand and most importantly, I needed it quickly delivered to me.

How long does CBD take to work? 

I must remind you that it took me a steady use of CBD Oil for me to feel its long term beneficial properties.

I started my journey with a Full-spectrum CBD oil by dosing 25 mg 2 times a day, in the morning and evening. I only started to feel the effects better after using it 3 times a day with a total dose of 75mg per day, however, I had stressful days where I would take up to 100-125mg a day of CBD Oil. After two weeks I started to feel less anxious and found it slightly easier to fall asleep, even if it wasn’t instant and I must also stress the fact that everyone is different and might react to CBD Oil differently. I strongly recommend doing more research and doing trials at your own capacity.

Ultimately, in the long run, after 6 months, I felt improvement in my anxiety, stress and sleep. I was content as it gave me the capacity to manage my work environment and make better life hygiene choices. I fell in love with cooking again. I came to work with a new mind-set and healthier body, I really wished I had done this sooner! I feel invincible working in the kitchen now as even if the stress load is the same, I can now manage it and not let it tear down my physical and mental health anymore.

CBD Oil was not the sole reason for my overall betterment, but it acted as a catalyst for me, a proper good domino effect that gave me relief resulting in the capacity to take a step back and make better choices. It may differ with other people but this is my personal experience that I am sharing, so be patient and to all you cooks out there, I hope this could be of use!