How to trigger an audience: basic tricks for bloggers in TikTok

The audience in such a social network as TikTok is quite active and very demanding. She is used to the fact that every day a lot of content is created for her, some of which simply does not attract her. In order to attract a viewer, a modern blogger needs to try very hard. For this purpose, special triggers are used. How to achieve them just and we will consider further.


Apply special effects

The video should differ from the content with its color scheme, dynamics, added effects. It is not necessary to add too many of them, so that there is no overabundance. However, you should find something interesting that will distinguish you from others.

Use a video effects VJump app to find something special. It can be a variety of transitions or filters that will become noticeable from the first seconds and attract your viewer.

Be emotional

Emotions always attract other people, they seem interesting and hold their attention. Therefore, if your video starts with a loud exclamation, laughter, tears or other bright emotion, it will definitely hook the audience. And to make the finished video seem more interesting, you can always use TikTok editing app to process it.

This approach will allow you to hook an audience of empaths, that is, people who feel the emotions of others well and can start feeling them too. Therefore, various touching moments or telling situations that evoke strong emotions are also suitable as emotional triggers.

Use popular or nostalgic music

Music is a very strong trigger, so you can overlay it on your videos in TikTok video editor and then put it on the page. The main rule is that the music should not violate copyright and should not contradict the rules of the platform.

What kind of music will be useful to use:

  • trending music that is currently viral on TikTok;
  • nostalgic, such as retro;
  • related to popular series or TV shows.

It is important to clarify that the use of trending music should not be excessive. What gets into trends, as a rule, begins to be actively used by all bloggers, because of which at some point the concentration of such content in TikTok becomes high. Accordingly, trending tunes start to get boring. To avoid this, try to use well-known, but at the same time not hackneyed tunes.

Come up with a screaming headline

In the headline, you can use words that attract attention and entice the audience. This will ensure that you grab the attention of your viewer. It is important to edit your TikTok video in such a way that the headline is clearly visible and doesn’t disappear too quickly, but also that it doesn’t stay on the screen for too long. And to avoid annoying users, the headline should not be just “yellow press”, it should be relevant to what comes next in the video.

For bright videos that catch on from the first seconds, the best TikTok editing app VJump is a good fit. Using the ideas contained in it, you will be able to create something unforgettable.