How do you prepare for a senior football training session?


To maximize your football training, planning the proper exercises to gain more efficiency from all your team players is important.

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Plan a welcome exercise

Another important element when preparing a senior training session is to plan a welcoming exercise. Only some of your players will arrive at the same time, so it’s essential to plan a welcoming activity. Make sure you have a few balls available for the first arrivals. You can also plan a simple pre-session warm-up exercise.


Brief the players before the session

An essential point that needs to be addressed by most senior coaches is the pre-session briefing. This is a necessary stage during which you explain the session’s content to your players and the theme and main message you want to convey.


Once you’ve finished your speech, you can start with your pre-session warm-up exercises. Here are a few examples you can use:


 Managing the pace of the session

The most important aspect of a training session for seniors is the rhythm. You need to think about the pace of your session as much as your exercises. Whether you set up technical workshops or tactical set-ups, you need to plan the various breaks between each exercise so that your players stay in a constant rhythm. So remember to include drink breaks, stretching and, of course, a cool-down at the end of the session.

Your exercises should also be rhythmic, so don’t hesitate to offer different variations of the same training to avoid repetition. You can take inspiration from this conservation exercise and rapid counter-attacks on a 3vs2 followed by a 2vs1.


Offer varied, high-quality exercises

If there’s one thing that senior players hate, it’s monotonous training sessions with exercises that could be more varied. That’s why you must constantly improve the training exercises you offer your players. Use creative practices and vary the workshops so your players remain concentrated throughout the session.


We offer hundreds of original exercises with illustrations on Entrainement Foot. Here, for example, is an original senior exercise that will enable you to work on duels with finishing on a small goal and defenders in pursuit.


Goal duels with defenders in pursuit

To set up this workshop, define a 20x15m area and place 2 goals on each width. Place a cup in the centre of each area length and form 2 teams of 6 players (see animation above).


The exercise will take place as follows:


– Player A at the source of the ball starts by passing to lateral player B.

– B then controls the ball and plays it to attacker C.

– At this point, D starts to chase to win the ball back. A duel on the small goal follows this.

– If D recovers the ball, he can then try to score.

– After each pass, A passes to B, then B takes D’s place, who in turn takes C’s place. Attacker C, for his part, takes A’s place at the starting point.


The exercise takes place simultaneously on the 2 mini-goals.

Having the 2 teams play simultaneously will force your players to look up and pay attention to the movements around them. It’s both a 1vs1 duel exercise and a concentration exercise.


Review the session with your players

Finally, we recommend that you always end your sessions with a short debriefing, especially with senior players, who will be expecting your feedback on the group’s collective performance during the training session.

A football training session is not just a succession of workshops and exercises. A senior training session requires preparation and a sense of anticipation so you don’t have to improvise too much on the big day. Remember to apply these few tips to improve your skills as an instructor.


Final words

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