From Royal Titles to Space Travel: 5 Unique Gift Ideas

We all know that person – the one who already has everything. Maybe you are that person! And while it’s inspiring to see people winning at life, it can make finding the perfect gift for them somewhat of a challenge.

What do you buy the person who has everything? What could make an inspiring gift or truly memorable experience? 

To help with this particular challenge, here’s our selection of some unique and fabulous gift ideas that are sure to make the perfect present, with options from the realms of royal living to the fun of the final frontier – gifts that are figuratively and literally out of this world…

Unique gift ideas for the person who has everything

• A Space Flight

Space travel used to be the stuff of science fiction, but these days it’s becoming an option for more and more people. And it’s not just the NASA-trained astronauts that get to have all the fun. With the rise of visionary ventures like Virgin Galactic, ordinary members of the public can book a flight to the stars. 

Space travel may still be in its early stages, and it’s still an expensive way to go (think hundreds of thousands for a suborbital trip, or into the millions for a flight into the earth’s orbit), but for that person who has everything, this could be the most memorable gift of their lifetime. 

• A Genuine Royal Title

They say there are some things that money can’t buy, and it’s generally thought that a good heritage and esteemed social status would be on that list. But what if you could purchase a slice of history that would not only offer access to the highest social circles, but would also elevate your standing with everyone you meet? It’s not widely known, but you can actually buy royal titles that will make you an instant prince or a real-life princess. This could make for a fascinating gift that would be enjoyed long after the ribbons and champagne have been tidied away. 

• A Message From A Hero Or Celebrity

Even those people for whom money is no object are likely to have their heroes or favourite celebs that they love or admire. Well, now you can gift them a personalised message to celebrate their latest birthday or that big achievement. Companies like make it possible to choose your friend or loved one’s favourite celebrity and have them create a personalised message for the lucky recipient.

• Flying Lessons

Flying lessons are a classic gift for the person who has everything and with good reason. There’s nothing like that feeling of being up in the clouds, free as a bird and in control of your destiny. Whether it’s a one-off lesson just for the experience, or the start of an enjoyable new obsession, this can make a great gift idea. And you don’t need to stick to traditional plane lessons – helicopter pilot training could be just the thing to make your thrillseeker’s day. 

• An Inspiring Legacy Donation

For those who want to make a real difference in the world, gifting them a meaningful legacy can be a really touching gift. You could pay for a well in an underdeveloped country in their name, or you may even want to fund a small school in their honour. There are endless options to do some real good in the world that will make for a truly inspiring and memorable gift. 

It may take a little more imagination and thinking outside the box, but there are some fantastic gift options to give your lucky recipient something a little different for their celebration. 

There are some great businesses whose mission is to provide that unique and memorable gift idea for the person who has everything. And for those in the know, unique, quirky and potentially life-changing gift ideas are also available. As with all good gifts, all you need to do is put a little thought into what your loved one would really enjoy…