From Camping to “Glamping” – Outdoor Vacations are for Everyone

Summer is just around the corner and many Americans are making plans to get away, although perhaps not as many as you’d think.

Americans work hard and we’re actually pretty stressed about getting things done and being irreplaceable. In fact, we’re so stressed that we often don’t even take the small number of paid vacations we get each year.

Compared to some other first world countries, we get just a third of the paid vacation days they do, but oddly this does not automatically mean we’re going to jump at the chance to actually take time off work when it’s available.

Among the top reasons for our vacation hesitancy are stressing about work, not knowing what to do with pets, concern over safety (particularly since COVID), and the cost of taking a vacation. These, on top of the overwhelm of simply planning a vacation, make it easier to just keep working and staying stressed.

Fortunately in the US, we have a simple solution to many of these issues; outdoor vacations. No matter where you are in the US, chances are you’re not too far from campsites, hiking destinations, beautiful parks, and plenty of places to explore, relax, and play.

Outdoor vacations are often overlooked, but they’re fun for the entire family, they don’t have to be far from home, and the price can range from next to nothing to thousands, depending on what kind of experience you’re wanting. From something simple, to finding utv rentals, there are endless possibilities. From rugged camping to “glamping”, outdoor vacations are a perfect solution for everyone in your family… even the fur babies.