Flowers in mason jars

Creative Container Ideas for Flower Bouquets

Flower bouquets are a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any occasion. They bring joy, color, and life into any space they are placed in. While traditional flower bouquets are usually presented in a glass vase, there are many other creative container ideas that can make your bouquet stand out even more. Let’s take a look at different ways to present your flower bouquet in unique and creative containers.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a popular container choice for flower bouquets. These versatile jars come in different sizes and colors, making them perfect for any occasion or theme. You can leave the jar as it is or decorate it with ribbons, twine, or paint to match the flowers inside. Another great thing about mason jars is that they are easily available and inexpensive.


Teacups make for a charming and elegant container for flower bouquets. They add a touch of vintage appeal to any bouquet and are perfect for gifting to tea lovers or for afternoon tea parties. You can mix and match different teacups to create a unique and whimsical look, or stick to a single color theme for a more cohesive look.

Watering Cans

Watering cans are another fun and unexpected container choice for flower bouquets. They add a rustic and country feel to the bouquet and can be used for both fresh and dried flowers. You can also repurpose old, unused watering cans by giving them a fresh coat of paint or distressing them for a shabby chic look.


Basket bouquets are perfect for outdoor events or rustic-themed occasions. You can use wicker baskets, woven baskets, or even picnic baskets to hold your flowers. The great thing about using baskets is that they add texture and depth to the bouquet and can be decorated with ribbons, bows, or fabric for a personalized touch.

Flower Pots

Flower pots are not just for planting, they can also be used as containers for flower bouquets. You can use simple terracotta pots or decorate them with paint, washi tape, or decoupage to match your bouquet. Another fun idea is to repurpose old and unique flower pots that you may have lying around the house. This adds a personal and sentimental touch to your bouquet.

Wine Bottles

For a chic and modern look, consider using wine bottles as containers for your flower bouquets. They add height and drama to the bouquet and can be easily decorated with ribbons, twine, or lace. You can also paint the bottles or add stickers or labels for a more personalized touch.


Pitchers are a unique and eye-catching choice for flower bouquet containers. They add a touch of farmhouse charm to the bouquet and can be used for both fresh and dried flowers. You can find pitchers in different sizes, shapes, and materials, making it easy to find one that suits your style.

Whether you are gifting a flower bouquet or simply displaying it in your home, using a creative container can make all the difference. These are just some of the many ideas for alternative flower bouquet containers. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to presenting your beautiful blooms. With these unique containers, your flower bouquets will surely stand out and make a lasting impression. By using unique and creative containers, you can elevate a simple bouquet into a stunning and memorable gift.