5 Places to Use an Airplane Pillow

In a day, think about how much time you may have spent leaning over your laptop, sunk into your couch watching television, or balled up in your bed in the fetal position trying to sleep?

Now multiply that one day by every day, and it adds up to hours of poor posture that contributes to neck pain, back stress, and irritation that are all working against you in the discomfort department.

When it comes to your posture, your neck and your spinal health can directly affect it, along with your nervous system and your well-being.

But things get to the point that you have to start making appointments with expensive chiropractic. An affordable alternative is waiting for you to use regularly, an airplane pillow.

You may be thinking, “I’m not boarding anyone’s airplane anytime soon, so what do I need an airplane pillow for?”

Don’t get caught up in the name “airplane pillow” because you will, unfortunately, lose sight of the fact that these u-shape pillows create a natural resting position for your head to maintain the lordotic curve of your spine.

If you prefer, airplane pillows, travel pillows, or neck pillows provide neck support that a headrest isn’t able to offer you.

Be aware that if your spine starts to suffer from a loss of cervical lordosis, this means that your spine won’t be able to have the natural curvature that keeps your posture well defined and your body healthy.

Lousy posture is not your friend, and it will continue to mistreat you because it leads to neck pain and back pain, among other physical ailments like joint degeneration.

Make sure that you are keeping your spine’s natural curves intact by following the recommendations of chiropractors that neck pillows are a helpful tool for alleviating neck pain that stems from bad posture.

Now that you understand the importance that airplane pillows can play in your life, here are five places where you can make use of airplane pillows to keep your level of neck relief constant.

1. Airplanes with Airplane Pillows

Are you aware that TSA (Transportation Security Administration) doesn’t count airplane pillows as separate carry-on items? So now you have no excuse for not bringing one along on your next flight to get a good night of rest.

Before you board your next airline, be sure that you are traveling wisely and comfortably with your airplane pillow in hand.

2. Trains with Airplane Pillow

When our bodies are upset with us and start to feel sore and stiff, it is often caused by muscle weakness from poor posture.

When we are riding as passengers on a train, we are obviously at the mercy of our seats. Whatever position that the allotted space forces us to contort our bodies into to sit for the duration of the ride.

Airplane pillows are great accessories for train rides because they help keep your head upright in any sitting position to avoid aching bones when you arrive at your destination.

3. Automobiles with Airplane Pillows

Cars, buses, trucks, and trollies are great places to use airplane pillows to help hold your back in alignment because we tend as people to lean over the steering wheel if we are driving or even when having conversations on buses.

4. Beds at Home with Airplane Pillows

Airplane pillows are also called neck pillows because they were initially designed to get neck support while the user is sleeping in a bed.

Use a neck pillow to support your neck and spine to ensure that your back’s natural curvature is healthy while your eyes are closed, and your mind is drifting into a nocturnal dream state.

Just because airplane pillows were made for use in a bed and an airplane, that doesn’t mean that they should be used if you are falling asleep on your stomach.

Let’s take that point a step further; you shouldn’t even be sleeping on your stomach in the first place because it is bad for your overall health.

If you were to sleep on your stomach, you could unnaturally bend your neck backward and block yourself from breathing correctly.

Neck pillows are best designed to sleep on your side or your back.

If you are sleeping on your back, a neck pillow can help straighten out your head so that it does not tilt unnaturally in a forward or backward direction.

If you happen to be a side sleeper, a neck pillow keeps your nose in line with the rest of your body, reducing potential chronic neck pain and back pain that you would notice when you wake up.

5. Hotels with Airplane Pillows

If you are already garnering all of the bodily benefits of using an airplane pillow when you go to bed at home, don’t forget to take advantage of the same pain relief when you are spending a few nights away from home at a hotel bringing your airplane pillow with you.

This way you know that you will have the support that your neck and spine need to remain healthy, no matter where your travels take you.

Airplane pillows are versatile pain relief tools that can be used in many different settings, both at home and while traveling.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re sitting in an airplane, train, automobile, or even in your bed at home, using an airplane pillow is a great way to keep your spine aligned properly so that you avoid neck pain, back pain, and other muscular-skeletal issues.`