What Are The Easiest Fabric Items To Make And Sell?

Whether you sew as a hobby and would love to be able to sell your items, or have the idea of starting a business making and selling fabric items from White Lodge Fabric, there are many creative ways to make a little money while using your sewing skills. 

Check out the items below for inspiration – each of which can be made fairly easily, especially if you follow online tutorials – and prepare to dust off your needle and thread!

Baby bibs

So easy to make and yet such a lovely gift for anyone with a baby, bibs are a popular fabric item to make that can be sold for a profit. Experiment with baby themed designs, and consider personalizing them to make them even more appealing to buyers. 

Drawstring bags

Handy for a variety of purposes, these are incredibly easy to make, and will appeal to a wide audience, depending on the designs you opt for, and the fabrics you choose to make them from. 


Using free patterns downloaded from the internet, it’s possible to really go to town creating sellable t-shirts, and they’re so easy to customize, too. 


The perfect adornment for any jacket or blouse, fabric flowers look stunning and can also be sewn onto hair accessories for added effect. 

Clothes for dolls

Many of us used to love dressing our dollies up as kids, and I’m sure today’s children still do. 

Reusable straw cases

With the environment at the forefront of most of our minds these days as we shop, more and more people are buying their own straws so that they can still enjoy drinks but without the soggy recyclable straws used by most businesses nowadays! With this in mind, why not create cute little fabric holders for them, so that they can easily and safely be stashed away in handbags, rucksacks and totes. 


This staple of every woman’s’ (and many men’s) wardrobe, is easy enough to make and there are a whole host of free patterns available online and in shops.

Hairbands and scrunchies

Hair accessories will always be popular, and always be needed, hence they make a great fabric item to sew and sell. Simple to make and with matching options available (why not sell them alongside matching skirts, leggings or t-shirts?), while they won’t make you big bucks, they can certainly help you get started as an entrepreneur.  

Sanitary pad holders

Great for throwing into your bag as you head out for the day, women of all ages would benefit from this item, and you can be as bold with your designs as you like when you select your fabrics from a reliable online fabric shop.

Holders for pens

Everyone has that pen floating around in their bag that they can never get their hands on when they need it most, don’t they? Well, with your handmade pen holder, you can make this a thing of the past! You could also consider selling them alongside a notebook and pen.

Tote bags

Ever popular, tote bags are super simple to make, but super desirable for all sectors of society. 

Lip balm holders 

Another tiny item that’s easily lost in the nether regions of our bags, lip balm needs a fabric holder, and you could be the one to give the people what they need! 


These can easily be made using scraps of material leftover from other projects, and are best sold in sets and tied up with a pretty ribbon. 

Take these great ideas for fabric items you can sell, and get sewing! With so many designs, colours and types of fabrics to choose from when you shop online, this could be the beginning of a beautiful and crafty career!