Three Exercises to Potentially Increase Size

Most of us know how to stretch. We can loosen our muscles by stretching, and there are lots of different muscles to stretch, from hamstrings to biceps. All muscles tighten with usage, so it is always important to stretch your muscles, but muscles are not the only things you can stretch. You can also stretch cartilage or skin. More specifically, you may be able to “stretch” your penis, ultimately making it appear longer. Many men want to know how to get a bigger dick. Well, one of the most immediate ways to do this is, indeed, with penile stretching. Penile stretching can be done with a device, but it can also be done simply with your hands. Most methods for manual penile lengthening are not worth it, and they may lead to numbness or injury in the penis, but one method surpasses others in terms of results.

  1. Actual Exercise

Exercise may help your penis look bigger by encouraging weight loss. Up to two inches of a penis can be hidden by fat, even if you are only a little overweight, so if you want to get a bigger dick and you happen to be overweight, a better exercise routine might be the best place to start. In combination with a better diet, exercise can make you feel good outside the bedroom, too. Whether you are trying to get a bigger dick or not, exercise will enhance your sex life with greater stamina and maybe even more passion.

  1. Stretching

Stretching with an external device is another method for genuinely stretching your penis. Some call this device a penile traction device or extender. If you use such a tool, you will employ an evenly dispersed tension against the current length of your penis. These tools stretch the penis just beyond the usual length of its erection. 


The odd study has shown at least a correlation between using an extender and having a bigger dick. Strapping your flaccid penis into the device and wearing it for several hours a day may increase your overall length in as few as four months. Some men have reported as significant an increase as three centimeters. Every little bit counts when you are so insecure as to try to make your penis bigger.


Here is how to use most of these devices, without regard to brand. Place the penis in the device, ensuring that the head touches the end of the device. Make sure the head stays in place by fastening it with notches to the end of the device. Tighten the whole device around the entirety of the penis. The whole penis should be inside the device at this point. Slowly pull the penis out to stretch it, but do not continue if this is painful, and stop when you become fatigued. Leave the penis in the device for four hours, but do not leave it in for longer than six. Perform this every day for the best results.

  1. Jelqing

Pervading across internet fora, jelqing is an effective way of increasing the length of one’s penis without causing any damage. The basic idea behind most of these exercises is massaging various parts of the body to stimulate tissue growth and repair. This exercise leads to the development of scar tissue that intermingles very finely with original tissue. Suggesting precise hand motions, jelqing is one of the best ways to increase the length of your penis without an external device. When you jelq, you encourage blood to flow from the body all the way to the head of the penis and you discourage the regression of blood flow back into the body. More specifically, here is an outline of all the hand motions one must perform to jelq appropriately. First make an ellipse with your forefinger and thumb. This ellipse must be a bit smaller than the actual girth of your penis. Once you have made such an appropriate ellipse, place it at the base of the penis where the penis meets the bone. Slowly move the ellipse to the top of the penis, maintaining your grip. 


It is important not to grip too hard, as this can be as damaging as less recommendable methods for getting a bigger dick. Jelqing with a painful grip may cause anything from numbness and excess scar tissue to genuine injury and long-term discomfort in the penis, so jelq carefully. 


Otherwise, consistency is key. Perform this exercise daily for ten to twenty minutes to grow an extra fraction of an inch, which may go a long way depending on how insecure you feel about your length. While not much research testifies to the legitimacy of this exercise, some men have reported slight increases in size after a couple of months of jelqing every day.